Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Notes

• Favorite Flub: KETVNewswatch7's Brandi Peterson referring to longtime Douglas County Commisioner Clare Duda as "winning her race." Duda, by all outward appearances, is a man and has been for the 15 or 20 years he's been in the public eye. Wake up, Brandi.

• Runnerup Flub: Action 3rd News' Joe Jordan telling viewers that Mike Johanns "appears to be winning" his Senate race when Johanns was ahead by over 100,000 votes. Appeared to be winning? That's like saying there appears to be a football game going on when 85,000 people are packed into Memorial Stadium on a Saturday.  

• Third Place (tie): Channel Sux's decision to do a local cut-in just as John McCain strode onto the stage to concede the presidential race (even though NBC's Brian Williams had warned two minutes earlier that McCain's speech was set to occur in about two minutes). Tying for 3rd place flub is Sux's graphic at 10:36 p.m. (spotted by an alert reader): "Barrack Obama makes history." For some stations, we might attribute the extra r to a typo; at SuxNews, it's par for the course.

• Graphics Hell: Both Channel 3rd and Channel Sux ran election results along the bottom of the screen in the least useful forms imaginable. Channel 3rd ran results horizontally, listing candidates alphabetically, so that one had to be extra vigilant to make sense of the numbers flashing on the screen. 

SuxNews followed the same basic format, but did at least sort candidates by vote total within each race. Their results also lacked percentages, showing only vote totals.

Channel 7 won the graphics portion of the competition, displaying candidates' names vertically, in rank order, and in a sufficiently large font, thereby making it possible to track what was going on without having to remember what names and numbers had been displayed three screens earlier.

(Editor's Note: Before anyone asks, we didn't see what was going on at Fox42. We didn't flip over there even once. In fact, it never occurred to us. And seriously, do people really turn there looking for reliable information?)


Husker Mike said...

KETV also ran local returns in HD at the bottom of the screen all evening. That gave them screen space to show two races at one time, which made it much easier to track your favorite results. Local coverage was still in standard definition, but the results at bottom were widescreen on their digital channels.

Also, Brandi came back at 11:30 and gave updated results and said "MR. Clare Duda"...obviously she heard about that one!

Operationseng said...

Unfortunately I switched to 42 just for kicks and giggles. It was certainly the train wreck that one would expect. Miscues, fumbling around and late numbers when compared with the other channels. But then; they also do not have the staff of the other stations. All in all in my opinion; 7 did the best all around.

TickerBoy said...

Did anyone else catch Maniko Bartholomy try to read results from the Learning Community race?

Hey Maniko, UNO television called, it wants its act back.

UNO Television said...

tickerboy, we are offended.

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