Monday, November 24, 2008


At this time of year, apparently, TV meteorologists get the itch to make predictions months in advance. We thought such hubris only oozed from Channel Sux's Jim Flowers, but Sunday night showed that KETVNewswatch7's chief weather-guesser, Bill Randby had caught the same bug.

Randby's "Winter Forecast," in fact, looked like it had been ripped straight from Jim's script of a week or two ago. La Nina, blah blah blah, jet stream, blah blah blah, and on it went. The only discernible difference is that Big Bill thinks we'll only amass a winter snowfall total of 23-27 inches (compared to Jim's guess of 28-32).

Someone might want to tell Bill that Channel Sux is not the model of excellence he wants to be emulating.


nebraska said...

More babble from Bill Randby? My opinion of both Bill, and especially of his wife Julie, has slid downhill (more like off of a cliff!)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Not related to this post, but a new Malorism this morning:

MuZIM n. A building or place where works of art, scientific specimens, or other objects of permanent value are kept and displayed.

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