Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Even we are getting sick of griping about Channel Sux, especially the morning show; unfortunately, they can't stop shooting themselves in the foot long enough for us to take a break.

This morning, we flipped over just in time to catch anchor Jimmy Thiedlecki, in his best know-it-all voice, trying to school someone about a Seinfeld reference.

"It was Kramer who had the puffy shirt!" he exclaimed incorrectly.

Jesus. Even the most casual Seinfeld fan knows that it was Jerry who had to wear the puffy shirt. 

"You need to keep your Theinfeld trivia straight around here," Jimmy taunted smugly.

As it is with every other subject on which he considers himself an expert, Jimmy's bragging about his Seinfeld knowledge is built on a foundation of sand.

Therenity Now!


Husker Porn Star said...

Okay then, Ted. How about ripping on KETV for a change?

After the WOWT "Biden-Palen" post, I've been waiting for you to comment on KETV's graphic earlier this week (Monday 10 pm?) stating Wednesday's presidential debate would be held at "Hoffstra" Univeristy... er, uh, that should be "Hofstra" University...

And to think that the Sports department could have corrected them on that...

Anonymous said...

They could have, but Matt Schick is WAY too busy being smug and trying out for an ESPN yah, as they say.

What a tool.

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