Sunday, October 12, 2008


An alert reader notes Maladroit Maddox's latest pronunciation ailment: her rendering of Amana, the name of an eastern Iowa town and countless microwave ovens.

Maddox calls it "ay-MAHN-ay."

Is someone putting lead in her coffee?

Her gaffe tops that of sports director Dave Webber, who on Friday night referred to Kearney High School's football team as "the Lopers." (The team is the known as the Bearcats. University of Nebraska-Kearney's teams are the Lopers.)

It must be impossible to embarrass these people, given that they appear to know next to nothing and display so little interest in accuracy.


Angela Dawn said...

Did Mallory snub you? Did you ask her out and she turned you down? You seem to pick on her an awful lot!
Just curious

Ted Brockman said...

Anyone who doesn't know how to pronounce "Amana" is incompetent. The woman is an idiot.

For the record, I've never met her, nor would I want to.

Husker Porn Star said...

Make all the fun you want of Malorie's "folksy" style. But she's not the only on in the news spotlight who's into the folksy speaking style...

Could it be that due to their similar folksy-speak styles, Malorie is in the running to be Sarah Palin's press secretary if McCain win the election?

Could Ted's "MalSpeak" list be what wins her the job?

Dumb Anguish said...

A comparison between Sarah Palin and Malorie Maddox. Its difficult to decide which of the two should be more insulted.

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