Sunday, October 26, 2008


Someone needs to tell Angry Old Man Lee Terry, Sr. to shut the hell up.

KETV's "Kaleidescope" has been hijacked by the graceless former news anchor, and the other passengers need to overpower and, perhaps, bind and gag him until landing.

The program, which purports to be thoughtful, respectful discussion of current events by three panelists from different points on the political spectrum, invariably degenerates into Terry talking—often loudly and mockingly—over anyone who dares disagree with him.

In a typical 30-minute program, Terry seems to talk 90 percent of the time, with former newspaper writer Jim Fogarty and attorney Shawntal Smith sharing whatever's left. 

Terry should watch ABC's "This Week" or NBC's "Meet the Press" and see how it looks when panelists take turns and actually listen to each other.

Host Mike'l Severe needs to take control of the discussion, and if Old Mr. Grump can't behave like a grownup, he should be replaced. Certainly, in Nebraska, it can't be that hard to find another conservative.


Damon Scott Hynes said...

Who did Mike L. lose a bet to in order to be saddled with that show?

Aside from those with malfuntioning remotes, the only people who watch Kaleidoscope are the poor bluehairs wheeled into nursing home rec rooms and left to dodder.

The Black Sheep said...

People actually watch Kaleidoscope?!

Ted Brockman said...

People will watch anything. How else would Channel Sux and Channel 3rd have any viewers at all?

TickerBoy said...

According to the last ratings period, Channel 3 doesn't have any viewers.

Ted Brockman said...

Okay...people will watch anything that doesn't involve Travis Justice.

nebraska said...

I have met Lee Terry Sr,many times, and the guy is a rude and hypocritic loser, reportedly is an ex alcoholic, and if I remember correctly, is an ex lobbyist for Nebraska companies, including Union Pathetic. Lee Terry Jr is an ex alcoholic (I don't like Esch either). I never liked Kaleidoscope because it had three yoUPee people on it--Brenda Council (ex UP Lobbyist, Fogarty (ex UP Public relations)and Lee Terry SR (EX UP lobbyist). This is why Omaha is losing the best and brightest to out of state. To trot out these clowns as "experts" is why both this town and corporate America are in dire straits.

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