Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Would someone at SuxNews please sit down with gooberish morning weatherguesser Rusty Lord and explain to him that through and throughout are not synonyms?

The poor boy can't seem to get through a Guesscast without invoking the phrase, "as we move throughout the day," when he intends to refer to moving "through" the day.

Maybe slick hick Jimmy Thiedlecki could counsel him on-air, opening with something like, "Thufferin' thuckotash, Ruthty!"

Or perhaps Maladroit Maddox could teach him to pronounce it as if he were a nasally, backwoods 12-year-old girl.


Dumb Anguish said...

Sounds like Dusty Road is fitting in very nicely with the morning people.

I'm still waiting for the day when Dusty Road says, "Wait a minute, there seem to be unexpected rain showers this morning"

And Malorie interrupts, "No, no, no, Rusty. That was just Jim Siedlecki trying to do the tongue twister about how Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore"

Husker Porn Star said...

Ted, Ted, Ted... People on the City Weekly blog spend over a month discussing how Rusty Lord is such a porn star name... and now you're critizing his vocabulary?

The last time I checked, vocabulary beyond "ooh," "ahh," "yes," and "I'm cumming" isn't a porn-star talent requirement.

So let's give Rusty a pass on this one.

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