Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Morning Sux

Choose your favorite Jimmy Thiedlecki moment from one 20-minute segment of this morning's Channel Sux News "Live at Daybreak":

A.  Jimmy tells viewers that recent "events have shook up Plattsmouth." (Apparently Jimmy hasn't took any grammar learnin' yet.)

B. Jimmy, thinking he is quite cute, alludes to the "Tour DAY Lance, er France." (Will someone please tell this bumpkin that the vowel sound in the French de rhymes with the "oo" sound in book? He's embarrassed himself to the point that even we feel sorry for him.)

C. Jimmy announces the topic of today's "Top Thix Litht": Thibling Thport-th Rivalriethe. (We love whatever producer is picking these topics. Any time Jimmy is required to say lots of s sounds in a row means good old-fashioned fun!)

Send your favorite to Jimmy and tell him how glad we are to have talent of his caliber yelling the news at us each morning.

1 comment:

Samantha Eastridge said...

It never even occurred to me that a producer might be effing w/Jimmy... I love that idea! Yay producer! And apparently we're all just supposed to watch, laugh, and enjoy? I feel so silly after having been annoyed by him so many times. Perhaps producer's schtick should be taken a step further and turned into a drinking game? Every time Jimmy does something stupid we drink? This could be dangerous.

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