Thursday, September 25, 2008


Kudos to KMTV's Devon Patton for scoring a bizarre interview Wednesday with former Husker/accused murderer Thunder Collins. The interview appeared to be conducted in a parking lot and Patton repeatedly described Collins as seeming "amused" by his situation.

A slap up side the head to the station, however, for the story that followed: an interview with an unidentified woman claiming to have seen Collins at the murder scene. 

The interview wasn't the problem. The problem was the b-roll which inexplicably featured a close-up of the woman's nasty, yellow, (apparently) fungus-infested toenails. What the hell were the folks at Channel 3rd thinking? 

We didn't check, but we're hoping they didn't run this footage during today's morning show. Can you imagine trying to eat after looking at those things?

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