Friday, September 19, 2008


KMTV is looking for a news director following Thursday's announcement to staff that Ken Dudzik is no longer working for the Urinal Broadcast Group.

Action 3rd News staffers were assured that the company was committed to improving the station's standing in the ratings and in the public's perception.

Could this be a prelude to the long overdue canning of overstuffed gasbag Travis Justice

Cross your fingers, everyone.


Heath said...

Maybe Action 3 News should get rid of their radio voiced drawn out "ACTION 3 NEWS TIME IS..." morning anchor - Kerri Stowell. What a dread to see on the news!

Max's Dad said...

She referred to this Saturday's "mat-up" with Virginia Tech. If your upper lip gets in the way of pronunciation of words that even Farrah can pronounce, you belong on Axshun 3!

Steve said...

Oh no! Mike Tirico mis-pronounced Laveranues Coles name during Monday Night Football! Let's fire him! Ahhh! Stress! How could he say that wrong? It's his job to say everything correctly!

Oh no! He just said it was 3rd down when it was actually 4th down! Wow, the pink slip is certainly coming.

The nerve. He should get canned any minute...

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