Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We've received more than a few emails asking why mumble-mouthed meteorologist Andrea Bredow has disappeared from KETV's morning program. We had figured that word was out and we didn't need to dance on that grave, so we didn't even mention it. 

Obviously we were wrong.

But the reason is simple: she quit to take a job at Creighton.

No word on what kind of job she took, but let's hope it's not one where she has to greet others by saying, "Welcome back, AND good morning."

The best thing about this departure is that it (finally) leaves anchor John Oakey without a moron to cope with every day for two hours. In the last several years, he's been saddled with as many as three idiots at once, in the forms of Bredow, former co-anchor Elictia Hammond, and eye-candy/dimwit traffic reporters Jana Murrell and Veronica Todd.

Without all that baggage, it's now by far the best morning program in Omaha and perhaps the best Omaha's ever been treated to.


ajwees41 said...

Andrea was the best person on KETV.

Brian said...

Speak for yourself. Oakey and Bredow were a great combo and I enjoyed tuning in to watch them in the mornings, as well as at 11:30 if I happened to be home.

I don't blame Bredow for taking a job with regular hours, but she will be missed.

At the same time, I'm sure it won't be long before you find something on Nichole Berlie to rag about.

ajwees41 said...

Brian I wonder if Andrea decided to quit first, or did KETV decide to cancel the 11:30 newscast.

Anonymous said...

You know, she really wasn't bad on air at all. No more stumbling than anyone else, and less than many. And attractive, to those of us who prefer that face to Chuck's.

I've got to ask, is this the same Ted Brockman that started this log? It seems as if many of the comments early on and before the break included more than just slams on looks, body features, etc...they concentrated on talent (or lack thereof) for the job. Since resuming the blog there's little more than cankles, man-hands, horse-faces (BTW, Andrea Rich is good on the air, despite any references to sun glare - and she's not the only one who does that).

I kind of enjoyed reading about Brummer's ineptness (and occasionally the crossed eyes) as much as anyone, and sometimes I catch myself concentrating more on what Mallory just tried to say and I miss some of the story after the weird pronunciations. It's all funny to some extent. But it seems to have degraded some. Too much focus on what people look like and not on what they do in the job. Too bad...there's usually enough of the poor work to go around (like who is the new girl at 6 who cannot get one sentence out, especially if she's trying to go off the cuff?) without having to rip someone's features.

nebraska said...

I saw and talked with Andrea Bredow at a midtown restaurant. I initiated the conversation, but she was approachable and not snobby at all and perpetuated the conversation for about 5 minutes!

Several months ago, I tried to talk with Mollie Graham and she was a total snob--ignored me and others. Michelle Bandur has also been a snob to others.

Willie B Wright said...

Maybe Ms. Bredow went from being KETV's meteorologist, to becoming Creighton's meaty-urologist!

Let's be honest here; Omaha is NOT one of America's top 50 markets. You're not going to find error-free hotties on any of the local stations. This market is a "stepping stone" to bigger and better things, or a place to retreat to if a broadcaster has been let go from a bigger city.

When someone with natural talent does happen upon the airwaves in Omaha, you can bet they're only here long enough to get that magic "2-year" mark on their resume' before they hit the bricks.

In the meantime, producers and news directors in the 4 stations here have to cover local events and happenings with the best of their talent pools. Though I admit, some of those pools are a little more shallow than others.

Brian said...

Hopefully I'm understanding you right, ajwees41, but I believe the two happenings are separate.

The 11:30 AM newscast is no longer due to, "The Bonnie Hunt Show" which started this past Monday and goes from 11 AM - noon.

My guess is that she found the other job, but was asked to stay on until the very last 11:30 AM show last Friday to help close it out.

It's possible that the 11:30 AM show was bumped by the parent company for the new show, not something decided at the KETV level.

Just my guess.

ajwees41 said...

Brian that's the way I also think it happened. They are looking for someone to replace her.

nebraska said...

Andrea was WAY better than Jim Flowers or the others at Channel Six. Suzanne Matthews on KMTV is the best woman weather lady in Omaha.

ajwees41 said...
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ajwees41 said...

Anyone's better than Jim Flowers.

bkldy said...

I also really enjoyed Andrea and do miss her on the morning newscast. When it was just Andrea and John Oakey, it was fun to watch the banter between them. It seemed genuine. I do like Chuck as well but it's just not the same without Andrea.

Dumb Anguish said...

I liked Andrea too. Although she was far too chipper in the mornings for me. On the other hand, they're all too damn chipper in the mornings for me.

People who aren't morning people hate one thing above all else: Morning people. That and chirping birds

sterling said...

your an idiot brockman..

Willie B Wright said...

Did anyone else see Todd "I need eye surgery" Andrews on KETV this weekend? He was doing a crime story and stated the date of the crime as "June 12th, twenty-oh-seven". If it weren't for my DVR, and being able to do a quick re-wind, I would've thought my eyes & ears were deceiving me!

Somebody PLEASE give this town's TV people a course in speech & language!!

James said...

Sorry, Ted, but you missed the call with Andrea Bredow. I may have agreed with you when she started in 2002, but she truly improved her work over the course of several months, and she turned herself into one of the better news folk in our market. I also agree with cogitor above that you have gone off-track with this reanimated blog. Your over-attention to physical features and attractiveness detracts from the incisive and throughtful criticism your readers appreciate. Before your next rant about someone's features, look in a mirror and make sure you are righteously placed to throw that stone. And don't cop out by claiming that they are on TV and you are not. We must all play the cards we are dealt, and you are meanspirited to forget that.

Ted Brockman said...

The content of her work may have improved, although I'd say even that was ever-so-slight. (Grab a jacket! Grab the umbrella! Grab the sunglasses!)

But to her last minute on the air, she sounded like she was talking through a head cold and a mouthful of marbles.

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