Friday, August 01, 2008


Poor Channel Sux. Every now and then, they try doing something that they think is hip or cutting edge, and it almost always ends up looking like really uptight adults trying to be cool around the neighbor kids.

Such was the case when someone at SuxNews decided to have morning anchor Jimmy Thiedlecki interview comedian Bill Bellamy and then post the interview on their "web channel" (or as the rest of the world calls it, "website"). In front of four or five oddly positioned cameras, not only does Jimmy pepper the segment with references to "Dice Clay" and "Stephen Wright," he also spends about 40 percent of the interview looking back at the camera and talking over Bellamy.

Jimmy, if you're reading, a few tips: (1) 1992 called, and it wants its comic reference points back. (2) Stop mugging for the camera; we can listen without your supervision. And (3) keep in mind that the idea of an interview is to find out what guest has to say, not how impressive you are (or think you are).  


Dumb Anguish said...

Just imagine the new material that Bill Bellamy gained from that interview. He can now do a 20 minute bit about that hayseed from Nebraska that interviewed him.


TickerBoy said...

Anyone else catch Adrian Whitsett's 1.5 minutes of crap Sunday at 5:30 on 7. He did a story about heat at the Cox Classic. Here's what I learned: "many people like golf," "many people wore white shirts," "some drink water when in the heat," etc.

This story had ABSOLUTELY no news value whatsoever. This is what happens when you hire a college kid without a degree just because he's a minority with a nice look and voice.

Note to Adrian, here's some basic keys to a NEWS story. Give me at least ONE specific. Try starting with someone's name that you obviously forgot to ask when you interviewed. Here's an idea: take a few minutes to ask the director of the Cox Classic to talk about actual steps the tournament is taking to keep people healthy in the heat. Otherwise, you are completely wasting our time.

dotbowels said...

Does John Knicely wear a rug? His hair really looks bad. Bad hairpiece and bad color job. Will they ever Shraderize him?

Anonymous said...

I'd give my left ovary if 6 would get rid of John Knicely, Dave Webber and Jim Flowers and revamp their entire product. While you're at it, get rid of Jim Siedlecki and Malorie Maddox. Tracy Madden can stay. She's good people.

Anonymous said...

Tickerboy, it's a waste of time anyway. It's the same "story" that's done by at least one station every year when it gets hot during the tournament. It should go on the list of useless stories right behind the dumbasses lining up to file their tax returns at midnight. BTW, are we done with all the back-to-school shopping stories yet, or can we look forward to more of that pap?

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