Monday, August 04, 2008


• KETVNewswatch7's Brandi Peterson and Rob McCartney did a live shot from somewhere or other on Saturday morning. It's hard to remember where because it didn't take long for the camera to pull back and reveal that Peterson was wearing shorts—shorts that showcased some startlingly Hillary Clintonesque calves. It didn't help that she was standing next to uber-thin McCartney, but these would've been noticeable even if she'd been in a shot with Gary Kerr.

• An alert reader has posted a question that we've heard more than once over the past decade or so: Does WOWT anchormatron John Knicely wear a hairpiece? 

• Several folks, posting both on this blog and the one attached to City Weekly's MediaNotes, have echoed our opinion that SuxNews should show J-Pa the door. The only problem is that there's absolutely no one on staff to replace him with. Jimmy "Gomer" Thiedlecki? Brian "BM" Mastre? Neither of those knobjobs is a sensible option. Might they look to snatch someone from Channel 7? It wouldn't be the first time.

• Could someone please tell Channel Sux Ejacuweatherguesserauthorities Jim Flowers and Rusty Lord to get their pants hemmed to the proper length? From the looks of these guys' cuffs, you'd think they'd had their trousers tailored to allow for a growth spurt.

• Has Fubar Fazal been taken off Saturday evening anchor duty on KETV? We've tuned in two of the past three Saturdays and been relieved to find Todd Andrews in her place.


Damon Scott Hynes said...

Brandi with big legs? GIFS!!!111!!!

Girldfiend needed some curves.

TickerBoy said...

Regarding Brandi: CANKLE ALERT! For those that only see her own TV, you'd be unpleasantly surprised to see the big picture. Why was she wearing shorts on TV anyway?

Also, Todd has replaced Farrah. She was removed as an anchor.

Michael Carnes said...

I don't know that Todd replacing Farah is an upward move. Todd thinks he's some hip-hop gangsta wannabe from Norf O for some reason...he'd be better off replacing Tom Park on the H&H Chevy ads, IMO.

Dumb Anguish said...

You know. If they wanted to totally terrify the viewers, they could have Jim Siedlecki be a substitute anchor on the evening news over on WOWT. That would shut people up about John Knicely.

Because I have to tell you. I would rather sit through the bone-headed bumblings of John Knicely then have to endure the hayseed that is Jim Siedlecki.

Forget Farah Fazal. Forget Travis Justice. Siedlecki is the WORST on air person in Omaha.

However, I do like me some Todd Andrews. Alas, from the sounds of it. I think I'm one of the few.

Husker_Engineer said...

Brandi is simply following in the KETV tradition -- on hiatus during the Cornell era -- of having a female anchor with thick legs. Ever see Carol Schrader's gams?

Husker_Engineer said...

I keep hearing rumors about more turnover at 3....that include Travis....anyone have more info?

Also hearing Mat P is also going to be gone soon.

Brandy said...

Eh, who cares about Brandi's legs, we don't have to see them (much). I do wonder about JS or BM...Did anyone hear BM yesterday evening interviewing a doctor from Children's? I could understand the doctor fumbling a bit - he not a newscaster - but the piece was so obviously unscripted that BM could barely get out the pre-written questions. I had no idea how bumbling he before I heard that exchange.

So how about two women on the evening desk at sux? Tracy and...oh, right. Brandi has a job already. The only thought worse that Jimmy Corn or BM getting the job is Man-eeek!-o getting it.

Ted Brockman said...

I give Maniko a lot of credit. She was hired with major dialect issues and has obviously worked hard on fixing them.

Contrast that with Maladroit Maddox, whose nasally mish-mash accent is not one bit better today than it was the day she arrived.

Hollerin said...

Maniko has come a long way but the emphasis she puts into her reporting is way off! Honestly, give me Mal anytime over Maniko.

Brandy said...
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Brandy said...

I agree, I think she's working on it. Honestly, I think Mallory's getting worse. Maybe she can just blame it on the monkeys writing their copy.

The Black Sheep said...

"It didn't help that (Brandi Peterson) was standing next to uber-thin (Rob) McCartney, but these would've been noticeable even if she'd been in a shot with Gary Kerr."

This is the funniest line on this whole blog. And that's saying something!

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