Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Can someone please tell the local media—the local daily newspaper, in particular—to call a halt to the endless self-congratulatory features regarding our fair city's response to recent severe weather outbreaks?

People helping others clean up storm damage is not unique to Omaha. You can find the same "neighbors helping neighbors" non-story in the wake of any natural disaster anywhere in the world. It's what people do.

The blowhards in the glass print-shop should stop suggesting that Omaha has a monopoly on human kindness and decency. Rather than smugly touting how great we are, let's remember that we've also got a skyrocketing murder rate that no one's quite gotten a handle on yet.


Dumb Anguish said...

You know what they say: "No good deed goes unannounced" Wait, I don't think that's right. But, actually its kind of true.

The World Herald's annual holiday fund-raising drive, I forget what its called "Good Tidings" "Good Fellas" "Good Friends" or something, always features an element that tickles me. Because every day they would always list the donations they had received that day. And, invariably, there is always somebody donating an obscure dollar amount like $47.47.

Why? Here's why:

$25.00: Joe Smith, Joe Johnson, Joe Davis, Joe Brown, Joe White, Joe Black, etc, etc, etc,

$47.47: Joe Baker

$50.00: John Smith, John Johnson, John Davis, John Brown, John White, John Black, etc, etc, etc.

And, bingo, Joe Baker is a superstar! Standing out in the crowd. Top of the marquee, baby. Credited even before the title of the movie! I'd be impressed if it wasn't so painfully obvious

Brandy said...

Sadly if they didn't publish it, d.a., some people wouldn't give.

As for the self congratulatory stories, I think once in a while is ok. However, since moving here 3 years ago, I've been appalled at the crap newspaper journalism in this town - specifically at the WH. I try to remind myself that Omaha still thinks it's a "small town" but our media and government can't pretend that this is some little 5,000 person hamlet in the plains anymore. My opinion, in my limited time here is that the WH gets away with their down homey (hick) writing largely due to lack of competition. But I'd welcome any other thoughts on why it seems an idiot like me writes at least as well as those yokels.

Samantha Eastridge said...

Amen Ted, Dumb Anguish, and Brandy. One of these days the people of Omaha will have to pull their collective heads out of the sand and recognize this ain't Mayberry... not even close.

Ted Brockman said...

Don't misunderstand me; I think Omaha's a fine place to live. But this insistence that it's the only place on earth where people help their neighbors clean up after a storm borders on delusional.

Hollerin said...

Honestly, I am so sick of Jim Flowers. All this praise is to CYA since they have had poor coverage during these storms.

I kinda like rachel pierce...she is better than most of wowt!!!

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