Saturday, July 19, 2008

Of Course

Yes, Omaha's first on-air talking horse, Ejacucaster Andrea Rich, really did interrupt a Saturday Night Live repeat this weekend to tell viewers that there were "no active warnings" for the Channel Sux viewing area.

Other things not happening that she failed to mention...
--It wasn't snowing.
--Fubar Fazal was not mumbling unintelligibly through the news on KETV.
--No one at the Brockman estate was eating a cheeseburger.
--There was no earthquake measuring 8.3 on the Richter Scale shaking Omaha.
--Channel Sux wasn't updating its set.
--Dozens of road construction projects weren't proceeding at a fast pace.
--Travis Justice (unfortunately) wasn't eligible for an unemployment check.
--Mayor Mike Fahey wasn't screwing up the downtown stadium deal again. At least not that we know of.
--Channel 3rd wasn't drawing tens of thousands of viewers with its high-quality product.
--The sun was not out.

It's clear that WOWT has learned a lesson from being AWOL during the June tornado: people want weather updates on Saturday night, even if nothing's happening. We heard it straight from the horse's mouth.


Dumb Anguish said...

Are you kidding me? They seriously did that?! I'm terrified of what this winter will bring us:

- Severe Frost On Your Windows Warning
- End-of-Omaha-as-we-know-it Alert (meaning 4-5 inches of snow)
- Interrupting regular programming every time the temperature dips below 32
- 24/7 coverage when we slip below 20

But it won't be all gloom and doom...

"A fund has been set up at Wells Fargo to help a Heartland family who has snow in their driveway"

"Six on your side: We'll talk to one Heartland man who has a defective sled"

"The Winter Solstice: How one Heartland family is preparing for the shortest day of the year"

Hollerin said...

I am sure the weather alert wasn't 'all' her doing but she could be a little more solid about turning on her mic. She gets caught by that all the time! Now, if I wanted to get petty with my comments, then I might say that Brandi P could use some updating in her style now that she will be in th big girl chair.

Allen Jr. said...

It's clear that The big sux has issue's. It appears to me as though they feel like they have to talk to us all like were 2 years old. Having said that "ol horse face" really is'nt the blame for the way she look's anatomicly, ones intellect would tell you given the way media is run today, that even though she's not much to look at she must have something to bring to the table to compensate for her shortcoming's. My suggestion is that someone, anyone show this poor gal how to dress. Might I suggest Malorie, or perhaps the latest eye candy to enter the local new's Caitlin Roth. My only other suggestion for Andrea is she not appear as though she's doing Keagel's when she's giving her weather guess.

Omababe said...

>It appears to me as though they feel
>like they have to talk to us all
>like were 2 years old.

This is one of my big gripes with Channel 6 news. They talk down to us, like parent to child!

That and the annoying over-use of the term "heartland". I think Channel 6 has been the major promoter of that term for our area for about 10 years now!

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