Wednesday, July 23, 2008


One of the most irritating things about television news is the tendency to copy stories done elsewhere and pass them off as original. One example would be 90 percent of what gets aired at Channel Sux.

Another would be Kristi Andersen's story on KETV about "staycations"—vacations spent at home rather than traveling. Andersen introduced the term as if she'd just invented it. "Call it a 'staycation!'" she enthused.

Unfortunately, the internets are full of examples of "staycation" stories going back months.
Like this one by AP in March.
Or another from a Consumer Reports blog in April.
Or this one from MSNBC in May. even finds examples of the term going back to July of 2003.

Someone needs to remind Kristi that she's just a reporter in Market 75, not a cutting-edge cultural observer. Failing to recognize this could make her eligible for a spot at the SuxNews morning anchor desk.


King Vernon said...

I DON'T know who you are.

There was this one time this reporter walked into where I work. She asked for one of my co-workers, and I asked who she was(Cause I didn't know who she was). She than proceeded to give me that eye talk saying 'YOU don't know who the HECK I am'

BTW I still don't know who she is

Helio said...

Speaking of "Imitation" has anyone noticed the "weather authority" commercial that Channel Sux is airing.
It's Jim Flowers in a spot chirping about the weather. It somewhat resembles the Alegent Hospital commercial where the CEO describes the hospital's services. It's a pretty lame imitation.
Maybe Jim could have worn his black leather jacket that he wore in the "Be Somebody" PSA from a few years ago.

alwyz wundrin said...

It's nice to have you back, Ted. Keep posting, there's plenty of material!

Jess said...

Ya know I never listened enough to hear the Bredow " AND good morning" but now I hear it all the time and it drives me nuts.

MorningMouth said...

Just curious, but now that I'm not living within range of the Omaha stations I can't check this for myself. Can anyone tell me if Andrea Bredow still says the word "decent" in every forecast?

Her emphasis on the word "AND", when they cut to her from GMA, reminds me of when Jimmy Fallon used to do that DJ bit on Saturday Night Live, when he would imitate a morning radio jock. "AND we're BACK!" Funny in that setting; irratating in hers.

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