Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well, it appears that Channel 7 just couldn't resist giving outgoing anchor Julie Cornell the PP treatment.

Longtime Omaha news sufferers are likely to have flashbacks to the nightmare that was WOWT's days-long goodbye to anchor Pat Persaud in 2005. 

The primary difference between Cornell's exit and Queen Pat's is that WOWT shamelessly milked Persaud's swan-song, running promos around the clock and orchestrating the entire spectacle to coincide with the end of the May ratings period. By contrast, KETV's promotion has been minimal—so far—and the middle-of-the-cast "highlights" of Julie's career have been more low-key and substantive than anything aired back in '05.

While we could do without the whole thing, Channel 7 is at least exercising some restraint.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad KETV didn't go to the extreme that Channel 6 did with Pat Persaud. The big difference is that Julie Cornell is not despised nearly as much as was The Persaud. In fact, there was a celebration (as in good riddance) when she left, and it was attended by several Channel 6 staffers. Julie's departure isn't a complete one, but she will actually be missed by her viewers.

Here's my unsolicited advice and hope for Brandi Petersen as she advances to true co-anchor: don't let happen to you what happened to Tracy Madden. Not only did she start dressing matronly, but she also let her co-anchor dummy her down to his level. Tracy is intelligent and talented, but she has been forced to hold back since she took over for Pat. As hated as she was, Pat Persaud at least exhibited some backbone as co-anchor.

Brandi will probably not have to worry about the same issues at KETV that Tracy did up the street. But she will need to update her look. But I'm sure that, now that she is making some real money, she'll be able to dress smarter. Because right now, it looks like she's wearing Suzanne Deyo hand-me-downs. Please, Hearst-Argyle, don't let Brandi become another Suzanne.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I know I will be watching and commenting, and I'm sure Ted Brockman will be as well.

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