Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Notes from alert readers...

Had we checked our email more often, we would've seen this email on May 27th:

The folks at Channel 6 News, at 5:00, did their TOP STORY on how inconvenient road construction is at 33rd and Farnam. Are they really so lazy that they only go two blocks for a story 
and decide it's the most important due to proximity to their building?

Answer: To use Steve Martin's line, "Is a bear Catholic? Does the Pope shit in the woods?"

Another email, this one from May 30th, asserts: 

I'm here to tell you, I've discovered that WOWT stands for "Where's Our White Trash?".  As of late they have been managing to find the trashiest people to interview and they seem all for it.

Two recent examples:
A story about some woman who thought a local tax preparer had stolen her child's identity.  With trusty panic-button-pusher Mike McKnight and a camera crew in tow...This woman goes storming into the tax preparer's office and just starts screaming and shouting at this man.  It was positively painful to watch...Like I'd accidentally flipped over to an episode of "Maury"

This other one...Even better...They managed to find somebody who was displeased with the evacuation procedures during the chemical spill down by the zoo.  And they get this lovely woman on the news to proclaim that the city did "a piss poor job".  And they didn't have any qualms about putting her tirade on the air either.

I think its becoming obvious who this station is trying to cater to!

Response: We'd be the last to defend the Suxers, but Channel 7 is pretty good at scraping up their own bottom-feeders. One recent story focused on a similarly trashy mom who made her kids (including a sobbing toddler) stand at the corner of 132nd and Center with illegible homemade signs to punish them for their misbehavior. One nice shot showed her watching them from the comfort of her folding canvas chair.

Finally, one reader sent us this screencap featuring working typical of Channel 7's "webmaster" Shiloh Woolman (speaking of trashy). Writes said reader: "Maybe the should have 'over-arrested' him." Keep up the great work, Shiloh. ("You bet!" she'd  surely reply.)


Dumb Anguish said...

I like KETV. Don't get me wrong. But they can be really silly when it comes to their Super Duper Hockey Blooper Storm Team. I don't know how long Bill Randby and the gang were on the last two nights...But it had to have been a few hours. And I'm not griping them for interrupting the regular programming...To tell you the truth, I don't even know what the regular programming would have been.

But it makes me chortle because a week earlier, when we had pretty much the same weather scenario (big storms and tornadoes all over the place except for Omaha) they chose to interrupt the regular programming *only* during the commercials. Why? Because "Lost" was on, silly! A tornado warning in Butler County suddenly becomes less of a dire emergency when we're about to find out how those people got off that goofy island. So don't tell me the ratings and viewer outrage don't play a factor when deciding how long to zoom in on the radar over and over and over and telling us how impressive the storm is or where the gust front is.

But I did watch parts of their storm coverage the other night. And Randby had me bursting out in unintentional laughter a couple of times. At one point he said something like "Our storm chasers are in the area, so that tornado may have lifted". As if the storm chasers scared the tornado away. I know thats not what he meant, and he's working on the fly, but it was too funny.

And then they had the voice of one of the other non-chief meteorologists giving weather updates from off-camera. And Mr Randby is silently pointing out the locations on the radar as the other weather guy gives his report. It was a hoot...But actually I was relieved. Because if the Weather Industry ever goes under, at least he can get a job as one of Barker's Beauties

Damon Scott Hynes said...

I saw that tax story and it got me to wondering, and apparently you're thinking along the same lines.

How is this story going to help WOWT's target demographic? Is the goal of local news to make educated yups west of 72nd/south of Harrison feel superior? That's what I take from it, but I don't need WOWT to make me feel superior to those hunky blue-collar (or shirtless) clowns.

Six is On Your Side, primarily if you're so dumb you can't count to eleven without unzipping, you weigh 666 pounds and have a gauged nose, cornrows and sleeved tats and your lifestyle choices are the government's fault. J. H. Christ, how much does TurboTax cost?

At least in my circle, tax preparers are going the way of the dodo.

Used to be that you could count on local news for cleavage shots, but with this crop, why bother and that's the extent of my need and interest.

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