Sunday, June 29, 2008


Channel 6 has started running promos thanking viewers for helping the station cover Friday's severe weather outbreak.

There's no way to prove it but we figure people are probably "helping" because they weren't expecting SuxNews to get around to it for a day or two, as was the case earlier in the month when a tornado hit.


diesel_dog_99 said...

Maybe they were thanking the few viewers that still watch...after all, their news is down like 28% this spring...

MorningMouth said...

It's easy to thank your viewers when there are few enough that you know them individually, and can practically devote some airtime to mentioning them by name. Can't say I feel very sorry for them; how arrogant of an operation are they that they turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the innane junk that constitutes their newscasts?
Wayne & Garth did a better show on Aurora, Illinois, public access channel 10! And they did it WITHOUT Super-Duper Doppler 6000 Hi-def & flower-enhanced radar!

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