Monday, June 09, 2008


A severe thunderstorm rumbled into Omaha on Monday evening around 9, and Ejacucaster/Weather Authority Jim Flowers looked lost. He talked and talked and talked and conveyed close to no comprehensible information.

The problem with Jumpy Jim, along with his mostly-departed Ejacucasting sidekicks, is that he's so busy trying to show how much theory he knows and how his gizmos operate that he largely sidesteps discussion of what impact the weather might have on the people out in it. Tracy Madden, when Jim left her with several seconds of dead air, asked when we might escape the recent pattern of storms every day or two, and Jim launched into an "um"-laden dissertation on La Nina and computer models and all manner of peripheral information that most viewers couldn't care less about.

Maybe it's time for the braintrust at SuxNews to refocus their weatherguessers' efforts on just predicting the weather and leaveall the bragging and science class lectures off the air.


Dumb Anguish said...

I don't have a clue how much money Jim Flowers makes. But I'm willing to bet dollars to doughnuts he's one of the highest paid people on Omaha television. Whatever the number, I think its far more than he's worth. Now I don't know a damn thing about weather or the news business...I'm an IT geek. But I'm more than happy to give my personal observations as a viewer who has lived here all his life.

Remember 10 or 12 years years ago when WOWT lured John Kniceley, Jim Flowers and Ross Jernstrom over from KETV? That had to have cost them a pretty penny. And they are likely paying these same people just as much as they were then, probably more. The trouble is, from the sounds of it, WOWT has turned into a tight-fisted operation who doesn't think money should be invested in its operation. So they hire new people on the cheap and start eliminating more experienced people (Yeah, Jeff Jensen was annoying, but he seemed to know a heck of a lot more about weather than Andrea Rich) to save even more money. All because they have to keep paying the fatcats like Kniceley, Flowers and Dave Webber.

John Kniceley was a mistake from day one. And Dave Webber, while I'm sure is a very nice guy, only seems to be in it for the road trips to the Husker games anymore. But back in the day, Jim Flowers was pretty good (or maybe I just remember him that way from my innocent unjaded youth). But those days are long over. He looks tired, out-dated (so does the whole station, frankly). He's out of touch with what viewers want and need. I think he honestly believes that in the 21st Century, people are only looking for severe weather coverage between 6:00 and 10:00 PM. He was probably surprised on Sunday morning to learn that TV stations no longer go to a snowy picture at 1:00 AM, right after the National Anthem.

In my own useless opinion, I think WOWT would be wise to get rid of some of the dinosaurs who take home all the money and bring nothing to the table. And use that money to find some new blood. It doesn't have to be CNN or The Weather Channel for God's sakes. But I have to imagine there are reporters, anchors and meteorologists out there who have a passion for what they do. People who feel an obligation and a commitment to the public and don't want to just collect a check and then go home the moment the studio goes dark. KETV seems to be able to find them, so it looks like they do exist.

The Mighty Favog said...

How dumb are the folks at Channel Sux? This dumb.

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