Wednesday, June 11, 2008


If there were Laws of Omaha Television, one would be "John Knicely + Unscripted Live TV = Unspeakably Bizarre Conversation."

God help poor Jim Flowers. As if it hadn't been a bad enough week already. He's two weatherguessers short of his usual contingent (and the one that's left considers sun-glare a weather event), and then he had to simultaneously keep tabs on a horrendous outbreak of tornadoes and endure whatever idiotic remarks pop out of Knicely's mouth.

A couple of examples from Wednesday evening:

• Referring to a Boy Scout camp at Little Sioux, IA, where there were four fatalities reported, Knicely said, "If you have a relative or son or, um, a situation there . . ." (and his voice trailed off until Flowers went on with storm information). 

• While Flowers described a live radar image, Kinicely announced, "Griswold, Iowa...we got a report earlier from there...and there was some heavy rain but [something something blah blah]." It was perhaps the most amazing non-sequitur we can recall. Flowers, apparently dumbfounded, just resumed what he'd been saying. It appears he's decided that ignoring J-Pa is the best strategy.

With the recent dismissals at WOWT, it's hard to imagine why management keeps this dunderhead around. Lord knows removing him from the payroll would free up some budget dollars, and it would relieve viewers from having to watch a seemingly retarded anchor stumble toward retirement. While they've got the budget axe out, what's one more (empty) head?


Dumb Anguish said...

Watching John Kniceley speak without a teleprompter is like deciding to test your air bags by driving into a brick wall at 90 mph.

You just know the end result is not going to be pretty.

diesel_dog_99 said...

I'm thinking if the prompter at WOWT went out it would be every man and woman for themselves and that they'd turn to canibalism. That is after they fight to the death for that flower that Jim wears every night.

JB said...

I've been watching Channel Six coverage on my computer from Kentucky for about the past three hours. Even though short staffed, they seem to be putting on good continuous coverage. But couldn't have Mike McKnight have put some decent clothes on?

Kniklynn said...

JB, I noticed the same thing about McKnight. The least he could have done was wear a t-shirt with something on it. Preferably the one with a silhouette of a stripper and "I support single mothers" across it.

Like he doesn't keep a Polo shirt in his trunk. Maybe he doesn't know how to deal with being involved with real news.

The Black Sheep said...

After watching hours of reliable coverage on 7, I flipped to 6 past midnight, and it showed on Jim Flowers' face that he looked like he REALLY didn't want to be there, like he was obligated to after the fuck-up a few nights before.

Ryan said...

Well you know what I'm mad about? I can't believe I missed supernanny because of thunderstorms that wern't even affecting me here in West Point!!! It's rediculous!!

(PS, I am from Omaha area, but if Omahans can complain about coverage when it doesn't affect them, how is this different?)

kdklown said...

Have any of you ever had to do live television with no prompter? Have any of you had to ad-lib for long periods with no script? Why don't you all go back to your lousy Westside High T.V. classes and leave John, Jim and Mike...who were on the air before you were born...alone.

Ted Brockman said...

If they've been doing it so long, why aren't they any better at it?

jeff said...

What gets me the most is they acted like this was a unexpected weather situation. I am a storm chaser out of Lincoln and I knew what the situation was going to be at 9 am of 6-11-08. I doesn't take a genuis to go out and look at the clouds and read the story that unfolds on the satelite. What gets to me more than anything is the clouds and satelite will tell you everything you need to know and yet these TV weather people only look at radar. Radars fine to watch but is only effective after the storm has built to a point where the radar picks it up.

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