Sunday, June 08, 2008


Credit KETV's Chuck McWilliams with being the only area meteorologist to be on the air early Sunday morning when Omaha was being hammered by a fast-moving storm system that produced tornado-like winds and damaged homes in Millard.

A calm, collected McWilliams deftly shifted among various radar tools at his disposal, identifying the center of the storm and warning viewers in its path.

The more compelling story was how unprepared other stations seemed. KPTM had someone on the air by around 2:45, but both KMTV and WOWT remained silent, with WOWT airing an episode of the 1960s western series, "Wild, Wild West." KMTV eventually got "C.T" Thongklin on the air, but that was long after the danger had passed.

More ranting about this later, particularly regarding Channel 6, which still didn't have much info on the storm in its 8 a.m. newscast. Suffice it to say that someone at 35th and Farnam will be answering lots of questions about why that station appeared to have hung up their "gone fishin'" sign, while a potential tornado skipped across town.


Dumb Anguish said...

KETV and Chuck McWilliams in particular did an awesome job.

WOWT looks more and more foolish every year. When KPTM has better storm coverage than you...I think you've got a problem.

Husker Mike said...

Props to channel 7. They were on the air before the sirens went off.

And while they were woefully late, KM3's CT Thongklin at least had some good explanations as to how this system developed.

Not sure what is up at channel Sux.

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