Friday, May 16, 2008


At what point did "sun-glare" become such a point of concern for weather-guessers?

We think it began about the time dimwit Channel 6 Ejacucaster Andrea Rich galloped into town. It quickly spread to her alto-voiced colleague Jeff Jensen and has even made it into the mush-mouthed babbling of Channel 7's Andrea "Welcome Back AND Good Morning" Bredow.

With apologies to Mike McKnight, we found it especially rich when Andrea warned Saturday morning viewers about sun-glare "if you're headed down to Lincoln" for the Nebraska spring football scrimmage. It apparently never occurred to her that someone driving from Omaha to Lincoln at midday would be driving west and sun-glare would not be an issue.


Dumb Anguish said...

Be fair now. These weather people have got to find something that puts the fear of God into us when it comes to weather. We won't have any snow for several months and we haven't been scoring in the severe thunderstorm department. So they have to do something to remind us that ALL weather, even sunny weather, is EVIL!! And that only their Advanced Super Doppler Storm Tracker Weather Warning Computer Complex with Multi Vector Assault Mode can protect us, and our helpless Heartland families, from the wrathful weather gods.

angry wrestling guy said...

Right on, Dumb Anguish.

Ya never know when that nasty sun-glare might bounce off your rear view mirror and attack you while driving to Lincoln. Only Advanced Super Doppler Storm Tracker Weather Warning Computer Complex with Multi Vector Assault Mode can tell us when that might happen.

Helio said...

It won't be long - we'll soon be hearing something like...

"Coming up, your Hour by Hour First Warning Threat Tracker Precision Sun Glare Swim-cast for your neighborhood pools."

Former Channel 6 employee said...

Yet once again, this morning was said by the female version of Jim Flowers, that if "you are travelling either direction this morning, you will have sun glare to contend with."

When did we get two suns?

You idiots at 6 had better get a clue sometime this century. And yes, this century has just started. Anybody got the numbers on if they will or not, I want to put some money down.

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