Friday, May 16, 2008


At what point did "sun-glare" become such a point of concern for weather-guessers?

We think it began about the time dimwit Channel 6 Ejacucaster Andrea Rich galloped into town. It quickly spread to her alto-voiced colleague Jeff Jensen and has even made it into the mush-mouthed babbling of Channel 7's Andrea "Welcome Back AND Good Morning" Bredow.

With apologies to Mike McKnight, we found it especially rich when Andrea warned Saturday morning viewers about sun-glare "if you're headed down to Lincoln" for the Nebraska spring football scrimmage. It apparently never occurred to her that someone driving from Omaha to Lincoln at midday would be driving west and sun-glare would not be an issue.

Monday, May 12, 2008


The owners of KPTM and KXVO have declared bankruptcy. 

How can you go broke when you get two stations for next to nothing and you run them on a budget that appears to be lower than that of your average street vendor?

We thought all the geniuses of  Pappas' caliber were already serving in the Bush administration.
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