Friday, April 11, 2008


Dumbest new feature on TV? 

Gotta be Channel Sux's "High School Cribs."

This gem—apparently WOWT's attempt at connecting with the young people—is plagued by an annoying instrumental bed that sounds like something put together using GarageBand software and features cheerleader Malorie Maddox strutting toward the camera shouting, "You know what's cool about ___ High School?!! Their ____!"

Filling in the first blank isn't hard, even for the Suxers. What's truly amazing is how they fill the second one. 

Malorie seems startled that a school would have a newspaper, a lunch program,  or a place to buy sweatshirts. Really? You'd think that only someone who hasn't visited a classroom since the Coolidge administration would marvel that "Binson" (Benson) High School has a class where kids build stuff.

Our favorite moment, so far anyway, came during her awkward visit to Iowa School for the Deaf, where a shop teacher, without the slightest hint of irony, said, "Some of the kids, they're hard of hearing."


Former Channel 6 employee said...

Hmmm, since we all know that the big sux can't come up with an original idea, where could they have come up with that hideousness called High School Cribs?

Maybe it was here... even here...

Allen Jr. said...

I too have great disdane for the after every story,juvenile banter between Siedlecki & Malorie,cant she see this dolt is dragging her and her career down.She asked last week for gardening advice and I told her "IF you throw to much crap on a flower it will eventually wither and die" As a side note why did Sheila Dummer tell Andrea at the end of fridays four o clock broadcast C U Next Thursday Andrea? Is there a rivalry brewing for the most inept news person in Omaha, or do we get a vacation from Dummer?

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