Monday, April 28, 2008

Brummed Out

Cross-eyed afternoon anchor Sheila Brummer is no longer a Sux News employee. She was let go late last week.

Well, it's a start. However, until the boneheads running that station stop hiring the inept, nothing will change.

Look at Six's recent hires: over-inflated KM3 retread Jodi Baker, E.T. lookalike Justin Joseph, blissfully ignorant Brian Latham, mop-headed weathergirl Andrea Rich, congenitally idiotic Rachel Pierce (and the list goes on and on). 

Compare that list of misfits with KETV's hires over the same period—Owen Lei, Kristi Andersen, Nicole Berlie, Marla Rabe, and Adrian Whitsett—and it's not hard to see why the ratings look as they do.


Dumb Anguish said...

Thats a real Brummer about bummer. (or maybe the other way around)

I don't like to see anybody lose their job. But she wasn't very good at all. Does that mean Brian Mastre is doing that 4:00 news by himself? He is just as bad.

But I do kind of like that Bryan Latham...Though I'm sure I'll eventually get over that.

justthefacts said...

Marla Rabe....mmmmmmmmmmmm

Joe Swank said...

I didnt get to see Sheila doing the 4pm news, but to me her live reports at 10 weren't bad. I think they have a lot of others that needed to go first. Pierce, Maniko, Latham to name a few. Heck if Travis Justice can keep a job then.....

Anonymous said...

Jodie, the cute little imp, has poked out a wee bit but is still a cutie.

Wasn't she a blonde last time she was 'round these parts?

She was cuter during her first appearance.... really cute... the only reason I could fathom for her appearing on TV.

With my ugly mug there's no way I could be on TV. Likely a good thing. My wretched face makes little kids cry and dogs growl then howl.

Outside the Omyhaw MSA now.

An area with less population and income.

Not surprisingly, I rate the local madia's newscasts as superior to the tripe that oozed out of the pustule-like media outlets in Omyhaw.

Why does you local media hate you folks up there so gosh darn much?

Maybe you folks do not deserve better!!!!!

Complacent bleating sheep so meek towards anything resembling "authority" do not require much effort to maintain.

Bleat away, little sheep. Accept what is dribbles to you and bleat your appreciation.

theMickey's said...

"Brummed Out" too Goth, too late.

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