Monday, March 31, 2008


Jimmy's wetness disclosure came roughly ten minutes after Channel 7's Andrea "Welcome back AND good morning" Bredow pointed out that rain showers were maybe "a little bit more weaker" in the southwest corner of the screen. If she gets any more dumber, she's gonna be snapped up by Channel Sux to join the Ejacuweather team with Giggly Jim, High-talker, and Horseface.


Dumb Anguish said...

Boy, you were a glutton for punishment today! You know what would make me happy? A morning news show where the people weren't so G.D. chipper! Speaking as somebody who isn't a morning person. There's two things non-morning people hate: Chirping birds and morning people.

I would love to turn on the morning news see some guy, bags under his eyes, some shaving cream still stuck to one of his ears, hair all mussed up, clothes not quite ironed, sitting there saying, "OK. I kind of got a hangover so we're going to do the news quietly and quickly: People pissed at the mayor, shooting in North Omaha, Hillary staying until the convention and traffic on the interstate"

By the way, I'm glad your blog is back!

justthefacts said...

Not a real big fan of Andrea "I'm Forrest...Forrest Gump" Bredow. All three morning shows are pretty bad. I end up on 7 cause John Oakey is the only morning anchor I like. Now, during his co-anchor's maternity leave....getting to watch Brandi....mmmmmmmmm....yummy.

And 7 should use their fancy new graphics with the voice of John 'JT' Thomas. This new gal is just as stiff and wooden as Jana and Brooke ever were. JT was at least someone with some broadcasting experience. You could listen to him without falling asleep...he (surprise!) could do the job.

Jess said...

Ted----I get all giddy when you post once and then you do it twice in a day !!! Pardon me while I go change my pants !!

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