Tuesday, December 12, 2006

WOWT Ad Raises Questions

WOWT is advertising for a "sports reporter/photo/producer," leading us to wonder if the station is adding staff or if someone at the Big Six's "Sports Machine" (whatever the hell that means) is leaving.

Longtime sports anchor Dave Webber would seem the most likely candidate for an exit, given his age (isn't he about Bob Barker's age?) and his seemingly drunken live report from Kansas City on the eve of the Big 12 football championship game.

Read the ad for yourself, posted at nab.org and see what you think.


Tóózy said...

My money is on Ross to go. Second banana forever. He looks like a guy trying to maintain a calm exterior while beneath the surface is a desperate dude ready to put a steak knife in the neck of the first person who looks at him wrong. He just looks stressed to the max from that job.

Talking Dave Webber reminds of a story. True story. Early 90's. I am starting to leave the Hy-Vee parking lot at 132nd & Dodge. Major doobage hangin' from my mouth, tall boy Budweiser in the cup holder. Smithereens blasting from my new cd player and sub woofer. Webber comes wheeling through the parking lot in his girl-y Chevy Tracker. Gets out and starts to take his dry cleaning in to the store. He's walking across street in front of me when a seed pops and the cherry falls off the blunt. Damn! Shit! I'm on fire! Still rolling, trying to brush the ember off lap and onto the ground. Can't! Grab beer, give crotch a bath. In the mean time I forget what I'm doing (driving you idiot!) look up and Webber is about 13 feet in front of me. Slam on brake. Miss him by a long way, but screeched the tires. He gives me such a dirty scowl! Between the scowl and the misery he has inflicted on the public since then, I should apologize to all for having missed. I am truly sorry. (Disclaimer: I do not condone the use of drugs or alcohol while driving. Drowsiness may occur. If numbness or light headedness occurs, discontinue use. I am a changed person. Your mileage may vary.)

Omababe said...

Fortunately, at least these guys want somebody with a degree in a relevant field, as opposed to a recent ad for a News Director which wanted HS only.

Hosh said...

At first I thought you were making a stretch to trash on Web, but then I read the posting. I wondered why the Merlinator was on the 5 o'clock last night.

ilovenews said...

Merlyn is getting out of the business.

Obbop said...

Perhaps if the MILLIONS of illegal aliens present qualified for these jobs, thus forcing down wages as they have for the working poor, the media may cover the ongoing invasion in a different manner.

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