Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Veronica Todd Outta There

File this in the "Improvements" folder: Superfluous KETV morning dizzy blond Veronica Todd is no longer working for the station. Her last day was Friday.

According to a source at Channel 7, Todd told management she had too many commitments (appearing in TV ads, etc.) to keep up with the schedule.

Yeah, finding time to locate one item on the internet every half hour and talk about it for thirty seconds had to be exhausting, not to mention intellectually challenging.


ilovenews said...

Actually, the decision came from the GM. Veronica wanted to continue working at KETV and do commercial work, but management said one or the other. It was an easy call for Veronica. Sleep in and make a lot more money doing the commercials.

DiggerDog said...

Now there is no reason to watch Channel 7 in the mornings.

Veronicasupporter said...

I will miss Veronica. I know the blog disliked her, but the blog's author seems to attack everything and everyone anymore, leaving me to wonder who does he/she actually like? Veronica is very sweet, funny, and talented. I am sorry to hear the blog's author decided to judge her without getting to know her. Veronica was a great asset to the KETV Newsroom and will be greatly missed! She had lots of hats to wear and she worked her butt off to succeed. A job well done.

Andrew Wees said...

If she left on bad terms why is her info still on the KETV website?

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