Thursday, December 28, 2006

Soul Brother Number One

WOWT joke of the day: Mike "John Knicely, Jr." Cronemeyer "reporting live" to lecture viewers on the intricacies Kwanzaa in 40 seconds or less.

Yeah, Cronemeyer seems the perfect candidate to discuss the rich traditions of an African-American holiday. Another brilliant move by the Channel Sux assignment desk.


goinstraight said...

John Knicely? He reminds me more of Keanu Reeves. Kwanzaa, Christmas,Hanukkah...who cares what that man talks about...he looks good saying it.
Mike Cronemeyer and a cup of coffee it gets me up in the morning in many different ways.

lookinlikelincoln said...

Once again, if you did your homework, or had any real insider information you would know Cronemeyer is a good candidate to speak on issues concerning race. His mother is Puerto Rican and he's fluent in Spanish. This blog is quickly becoming irrelevant.

Ted Brockman said...

And this makes him an expert in Kwanzaa how?

rickoxo2 said...

How is anyone an expert at ANYTHING based solely on race? I thought that all men were created equal. Why does being part Puerto Rican make Mike C. more qualified to report on any race issue, then, say, Travis Justice? I mean, does Action Snooze 3 send Trav out everytime there is an asshole sighting?

Obbop said...

Relying upon memory here.

Kwaanza. Created in what, 1966? Some chap down Los Angeles way.

A created entity designed to fulfill some need even though recent reports I have read indicate that only a small fraction of black folks recognize the event...... despite the regular coverae by the media.

A holiday with good PR?

Anyway..... what's to differentiate Kwaanza with Festivus or any other near-recent invention?

Let's focus on the "Day of the Dead" as widely practiced south of our border and by multi-millions of denizens of the USA from that area to the south (interesting how an immigration quota of 20,000 yearly from one country turns into MILLIONS).

For hard-hitting news covering the totality of the Day of the Dead and the cultural mind-set behind it would be really enlightening to the Gringos..... uhhhhh Anglo-Americans.

But, covering the affair in-depth will not be done since the reality casts aspersions upon one of our protected species..... who infrequently make the news ala the recen ICE arrest in Grand Island and elsewhere.

husker80 said...

I guess Lookin is saying because Cronemeyer is a semi-minority, he naturally knows everything about every minority. Boy, THAT'S brainy. I guess if I have any homework questions on Ramadan, I can get 'em answered at my favorite Chinese restaurant.

I thought Kwanzaa was a holiday, rather than a race issue? Thanks for being relevant, Lookin.

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