Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Retractable Stadium Info

Okay, so it turns out that WOWT's John Knicely was citing one of several available figures regarding the number of tickets being sold for next Monday's Cotton Bowl game.

Knicely put the number at 68,000 on a Tuesday newscast, which we took to be yet another sign of his ineptitude, considering that the official Cotton Bowl website lists the stadium capacity at 71,252.

According to several alert readers, the local paper reports that a number of temporary seats used during the Texas-Oklahoma game in October are removed for this game, reducing the total to the aforementioned 68,000. However a story in the same publication on Monday put the figure at 76,000.

Who the hell knows how many seats are really there? But, in this case, Knicely wasn't any more in the dark than the rest of us. So we apologize for leaping to the conclusion that this was a symptom of his congenital stupidity. This will likely always be remembered as "that one time Knicely was right."

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