Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Knicely Begins Cotton Bowl Renovation

Following up a story by reporter Maniko Barthalemy on Tuesday, borderline retarded anchor John Knicely told viewers that the Cotton Bowl in Dallas holds 68,000.

Perhaps his information came from another of the station's pleas for viewer phone-ins, but the Cotton Bowl website suggests that folks in Dallas think the stadium holds over 71,000.

Then again, maybe big numbers, like big words, just aren't Knicely's strong suit.


MG73 said...

It could have been worse. He could have said something like, "The Cotton Bowl holds a ton of people". I'm rather surprised he didn't.

By the way, I'm willing to bet Jim Flowers is on his hands and knees praying for snow this week. His vaunted WINTER FORECAST predicted December would be "above normal" in the snowfall department.

Maybe he's under the impression that the normal snowfall is negative 4 inches, because right now our grand total is zippo.

Martin said...

This may be because the Cotton Bowl has removed temporary bleachers from the Oklahoma v. Texas game thus reducing the amount of available seats for this particular game.

Husker Mike said...

According to the Omaha fishwrap, the Cotton Bowl removed temporary bleachers used previously, and the capacity is 68,252.

ghostofpavelka said...

Sorry, Ted: Knicely was right. Capacity for Cotton Bowl is 68,252 because extra bleachers that often are used at the stadium will not be used for this game.

Joe Swank said...

you may want to check further into your "facts" The capacity for this Cotton Bowl will be 68,252 as some temporary seats won't be used.

I know it is easy to bash on Knicely, but in this case he was right on the mark. Although I dont believe he is rainman and just spewing off the stats...68 thousand thats right 68 thousand

frankiesolich said...

Ted, I guess you are dumber than Knicely. According to World Herald story the capacity is 68 thousand for this game.

egomez7 said...

thats not nice man! just because he made a mistake thats no reason to call him a retard. everyone makes mistakes get over it! you act like you dont ever make a mistake.

soccerdad12 said...

Looks like Mr. Knicely deserves an apology. There are seats not being used for the game so seating capacity is at 68,252. Here is a link to the OWH story.

LesNessman said...

You ignorant slut! You shoold listen to King John! You jump to conclusions, as is the norm for you. If you were a real reporter, which you are not, you would know that extra bleachers seats used for the OU-TU game are being removed for this game. Making capcity for this years cotton bowl just ove 68 thousand.

Time for a retraction... Oh... I'm sorry gossip hacks with personal agendas don't need to make a retraction.

Obbop said...


Whatever. It's still thousands of brain-dead buffoons wallowing in ignorance, not far removed from the throngs that entered Rome's Colliseum to revel in the bloodbaths there.

Though imposible to prove I would expect the majority to perhaps every last one of those college football FANATICS screaming their vapid lungs out to have been the type of mental midgets that would have flooded the gates to yell and scream as the gladiators tore each other asunder.

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