Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays: KETV Dethrones WOWT

Ratings from November sweeps are in, and if the ones we've been provided are accurate, it appears viewers may finally have tired of SuxNews.

In the morning, KETV scored a 28.6, compared to 26.7 for WOWT and just 3.4 for KMTV.

At 5 p.m., the next time period in which all three stations go head-to-head, it was KETV 28, WOWT 22, AND KMTV 6.

Same order of finish at 6 p.m., with KETV at 23, a 17.5 for WOWT and a scant 4.4 for KMTV.

At 10 p.m., Monday through Sunday, KETV led with 29.2 to WOWT's 25.9 and KMTV's 6.3.

Granted these are the only numbers we've seen so far, and we're sure all stations will try to put their own spin on things by looking at total viewers or particular demographic groups in the way that puts the best face on things for them.

But this appears to be a pretty sound thumping of a WOWT operation that has seen its quality slip in recent years. Here's hoping for more where that came from.


Omababe said...

>At 10 p.m., Monday through
>Sunday, KETV led with 29.2
>to WOWT's 25.9 and
>KMTV's 6.3.

Hmmmm ... I'm clearly in the minority here. Lately I've been watching 3 at 10. I tend to watch the news that's on before or after something I want to watch and usually I watch Letterman. I didn't realize 3 was so far behind 7 and 6.

MG73 said...

You know what's scary. Is that in some WOWT office right now there is a guy suggesting, "I think what we need is a little more Sheila Brummer"

Big Head said...

Maybe now those dooshbags at KETV can get back onto Cox-HD! What's up with that?

Mike said...

I too had no idea KMTV was so far behind. I usually catch them for the 10 o'clock news. Their "Action 3 News" format worked on me.

rivercity_jack said...

Thats great news because I HATE WOWT and would unfortunatly explain the dismissal of Greg Peterson and Deb Ward over at KM3rd. Although I am sad to see them go. Travesty Injustice should have been the one shown the door! The Reader has pictures of Deb & Greg's replacements, two reporters that look fresh out of college. The guy is a Pacific Islander (Hawaii) from the San Diego market (he's a reporter there) and a young asian american lady from San Antonio's NBC affilliate who does "fitness" reports? So tried and true experienced anchors at KMTV are being replaced with wet-behind-the-ears reporters? Teamed up with Injustice and frat boy McPike? Good Luck with that Action 3rd! Deb & Greg if you read this blog, I wish you both the best of luck an you will be missed! BTW Ted, why are you keeping quiet about this transistion?

rivercity_jack said...

Correction! Carol Wang (new KMTV anchor) is from KXAS (NBC) in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market. Not San Antonio. I appologize for my misinformation. Carlo Cecchetto is from KFMB (CBS) San Diego market.

kingofthestupidpeople said...

With morale in the shitter at the big Sux, these numbers will probably push someone to suicide.

Anyobdy got the lines out yet? I'll put 50 on any of the news managers.

Obbop said...

Pondering time........

Gut instinct says that the type of person posting/reading at this blog could very well be a wee bit more educated than the typical brain-dead American.

Also, would not be surprised if the typical visitor of this blog had more education than the norm for the bleating sheep citizenry of the USA.

Can only vouch for myself but encourage udders to chime in......

shunning details.... my tested intelligences (IQ, emotional, social, etc.) are above the norm. Also posses 2-1/2 degrees.

Mentioned the above since I tend to also view KMTV news even though I am not pleased with any local newscasts.

Noted others mentioning their viewing of KMTV.

I, the Mighty Obbop, star of neither stage nor screen, am convinced the AVERAGE American is a blithering idiot unable to apply critical thinking to any topic and that the huddled unwashed masses are awash... NAY!!!! drowning in a sea of ignorance (ignoring the very narrow "universe" the average sheep is knowledgeable about such as work-required knowledge).

Since it appears to me that those above the norm in intelligence etc. are watching KMTV at least part-time and that the masses are viewing the competing stations....

could that indicate the majority want pablum while the educated "elite" prefer a newscast aimed more towards the non-sheeplike thinkers?

Perhaps KMTV can use their "quality" viewing demographuc to attract certain advertisers while the udder stations can capitalize upon their "low brow" audience to attract advertisers wanting to influence the brain-dead.

Anyway, it's all mere conjecture but from my viewpoint I feel sated in knowing I am in good company when peeking at KMTV's newscast.

Carry on and Hippy New Year

photofarm said...

I don't like the reporting style at Channel 7. They are the poster board for everything I hate about journalism. The big one being they over hype stories, and put things in the scripted template. IE a story about the police department is only OK if you denigrate the officers and call them racist.

DiggerDog said...

Channel 3rd had a great opportunity to bring Courtny Gerrish back to Omaha and blew it. My God, she even works for a Journal station and they still failed see the opportunity.

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