Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dumber Than Paste and a Bag of Doorknobs

We thought we heard her wrong on Wednesday. But today she repeated it.

Yes, for the second straight day, KETV former beauty queen/morning traffic airhead Jana Murrell warned viewers during her 6:10 report that "two east-bound lanes of 42nd Street" were closed.

That would be useful information, were it not for the fact that 42nd Street runs north-south.


Omababe said...

>That would be useful information,
>were it not for the fact that 42nd
>Street runs north-south.

Au contraire! Everybody knows that the REAL 42nd. Street runs east and west, just like they know Lexington Avenue is one way southbound. :) (Looking for a place to hide.) :)

joeygrisgris said...

Yeah, and the other news bimbo (Veronica Todd) delivered her big, important message that all veiwers just can't live without....that the KETV website had moved their interactive buttons to the left side of the screen. Bewteen those two and Fubar, someone at that station has to have an IQ lower than toast to continue to employ those three...with apologies to the toast.

Matt_X said...

Not that you can find much of anything on that site as it is. Can they add a few more features and ads to make it even harder to navigate?

joeygrisgris said...

Let's add another one to the great doofuss list. This morning, Jim (Gomer) Sydlecki said "I know most of you don't know the score of the second NCAA volleyball match last night, because it was on ESPN U, and the cable systems here don't carry that station". HELLOOO??? Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim. Cox added it two months ago. Dork. We're not asking for you TV folks to be the next Tom Brokaw. Just check your facts before you open your mouths.

joeygrisgris said...

I will apolgize for the misspelling. It's Siedlecki
To save further face, I will simply refer to him in the future as "Gomer".

Brian said...


Not defending Jim - at all - but check YOUR facts.

"Also beginning Nov. 30, Cox will offer ESPN U to its digital cable subscribers."

Taken from:

Practice what you preach, buddy. ;-)

splog2 said...

At least Omaha gets U, Lincoln, stuck with one choice...Time Worner
gets ?

DiggerDog said...

She's really bad and not attractive at all. At least, when appropriately dressed, Veronica Todd is hot.

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