Monday, December 18, 2006

Brace Yourselves: Something Improved at Channel 6

No, they didn't fire John Knicely. Or Rachel Pierce. Or Jimmy Siedlecki. Or Gary Smollen. Or Brian New. Or Sheila Brummer.

But anyone comparing Maniko Barthalemy's recent taped reports to those she delivered when she first arrived can't help but notice the improvement in her diction. Gone is the streety, whiny "Queen Shaniqua" sound, and in its place is a much more palatable delivery.

While her taped reports have improved, Barthalemy seems to backslide into old habits when delivering a live shot. Here's hoping that, too, will improve. But give the woman credit: she's working on improving, which is an example that most of the Big Six's on-air types could stand to follow.


damnyankee said...

Mandinko was pretty bad when she first started. It reminded me of the TV reporting we did in high school at our school TV station - stories being read, robotically.

But I have to agree with Ted and say kudos! She has become one of my favorite (okay - most tolerable...) reporters at the big sux. I watch them or liveactionthreenewswithdebandgreg firehose news as I refuse to watch any ABC programming since Hearst/Argyle/KETV took my HD signal away.

Anyway - I've seen her out and about in my neighborhood and I must admit she's pretty hot in person. Rock on Maniko!

theguesswho said...

Ted, You've made a good observation. Maniko is continuing to improve. She also has developed an interesting, effective writing style. By the way, damnyankee, and other posters who have used the term "mandinko" as a play off of "mandingo" --its really not too cool. I know you are trying to be funny, but historically "mandingo" has been used in a demeaning way to describe the African heritage of slaves. Not trying to be politically correct, but I think it crosses a line that some may not be aware of.

Omababe said...

I've been hoping she would make some improvements, and I'm glad that others have noticed as well. Keep up the good work, Maniko. (I'm sure these comments will get back to her, if she is not reading in person.)

And, Kudos to Ted for noting things that are positive, when and where appropriate. :)

Joe Swank said...

Ok on a different subject - how about those channel 6 holiday greetings. In particular Shelia Brummers and Malorie Maddox.

Malorie - the dog thing, kinda scary and the "fiance" ahh he really out kicked his coverage. What is she doing with him. Heck I guess I had a chance with her.

Shelia's husband ahhhhhhh Oh MY GOD. Step away from the pipe. I am still in shock from his image on my tv.

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