Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Blog's Author Responds

One not-so-alert reader offered the following earlier today in the "Comments" section of our story on former KETV something-or-other Veronica Todd:

I will miss Veronica. I know the blog disliked her, but the blog's author seems to attack everything and everyone anymore, leaving me to wonder who does he/she actually like? Veronica is very sweet, funny, and talented. I am sorry to hear the blog's author decided to judge her without getting to know her.

Good gravy. Where to start?

First, we would agree that our posts lately have not been particularly warm or fuzzy. But we're kind of amused that anyone would come here expecting warm and fuzzy, or be surprised when they didn't find it.

See, we give the love when it's deserved. But we give it sparingly. We're not here to boost anyone's self-esteem or to give high-fives to people for doing their jobs properly. If someone does something extraordinarily well, then we try to make note of it.

But frankly, there hasn't been a lot to praise lately. Channel Sux is in the same basic rut it's been in for a decade now, as, apparently, are viewers who don't seem to care. Every time Channel 7 seems poised to make a run at the top, they manage to shoot themselves in the foot. Most recently, they've done this by chasing away talented, experienced reporters and replacing them with people who were probably turned away when applying for work at Wal-Mart (Lisa Stites and Kailyn Reed being exceptions). And Channel 3rd is Channel 3rd, keeping the revolting Travis Justice and wondering why their ratings are so low.

Finally, we couldn't care less how nice someone is. Nice doesn't do doodley-squat for those of us sitting at home watching these people. Competence is what counts, and lately, that seems like the last thing most of these outfits want. Veronica Todd came off as an idiot, both while filling in for equally stupid-sounding Jana Murrell and then giving us "tips" on worthless crap she found online.

You want nice? You want a "feel-good" blog about these people? Start your own. Then you and the denizens of local TV-land can have a perpetual circle-jerk, with you patting them on the head and them telling you how much they love reading about how great they are. Yeah. That's just what we need.



splog2 said...

And now ch3 gets rid of the two anchors and keeps justice?

joeygrisgris said...

Teddy's absolutely correct. Unfortunately this seems to be true of many different areas in Omaha, not just news. Bands that are mediocre at best, but the local media tells how wonderful they are over and over again. Restaurants that are supposed to be the class of Omaha that wouldn't last a week in Chicago, KC, or New Orleans. We are a community that settles for mediocrity and shines it on as quality. Until we get beyond that, nothing, including and especially the newscasts, are going to get any better.

Obbop said...

HUBBA HUBBA!!!!!!!!!!!

Omababe said...

>>but the blog's author seems to attack
>>everything and everyone anymore,

Disagree here! Ted recently gave Maniko B a well-deserved "atta girl" for coming a long way. He does (at least I assume Ted is a he?) give out praise when and where it's deserved, however, ...

>But frankly, there hasn't been a lot to
>praise lately.

Unfortunately I have to agree. :( Omaha news is trapped in a perpetual state of mediocrity. (Actually, to call it consistently mediocre is to praise it.) :(

I first stumbled on this blog back when I thought I was the only one who was annoyed with the constant obsequious fawning over the "retirement" of Pat P. Ted shared my sentiments. I don't agree with Ted all the time, but quite often I do.

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