Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Beyond Lazy

Latest sign that they're not even trying any more at Channel 6: Closing Wednesday morning's 7:55 Today Show local cut-in, loud-talking know-it-all Jimmy Thiedlecki asked viewers "with stories or personal connections" to newly-dead President Gerald Ford to give the station a call.

Um, doesn't the station have reporters to dig this kind of thing up?

Oh, wait. This is Sux News, where reporters like warbler Brian New and corpse-ish Gary Smollen don't really develop contacts so much as they just go out and report one isolated, insignificant story after another.

But then when a substantive story demands attention, you don't have any...Yeah, having folks call in is probably their best bet.


gomath02 said...

Amen, Ted. Goodness, I want a job where I can ask for people to dig up the facts for me and all I have to do is read from a screen on television.

MG73 said...

I caught the tail end of WOWT's Morning News this morning. They were just going about their regular mindless business and I just happened to read the news crawl saying President Ford had died.

So I flip over to KETV and they had President Bush's live statement about Ford and meanwhile WOWT continued with their simple news crawl.

WOWT is one extremely lazy station. Afterall, its only the death of a former President that was born right here in Omaha. They don't even begin to know how to be reactive.

Martin said...

I once read the sign that said that Ford's birthplace was off the next exit. I thought Channel Six would want to know.

iwatchtoomuchTV said...

On KETV First (Worst) News, Elictia Hammond reported multiple times during their cut-ins from GMA that "Omaha Native" Gerald Ford had died, but it was "unclear where or how he died." Were they NOT watching GMA? For Christ sake, GMA had reported all morning that he died at home. They had a live report from outside his house! He was 93 years old and had a bad heart, I wonder how he died? Think out this shit before your read it!!!

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