Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend Notes

• Was WOWT using video equipment borrowed from a Texas Goodwill Store? Highlights of Saturday's Nebraska-Texas A&M looked alternately blurry or washed-out. At first we thought it was the TV, but quick checks of three other sets revealed the same thing. The fact that all the station's shots were taken from about a mile high didn't help any.

• The lobotomization of Malorie Maddox appears to be making steady progress. Teasing some pointless feature or another, Maddox referred to changes that have taken place "since post-9/11." Are Sheila Brummer and Fubar Fazal tutoring her on the side?

• Speaking of Brummer, why do her voiceovers on "coming up at five" promos all sound like she's auditioning for a gig on one of those 1-900 sex chat commercials?

• And, on the topic of Fubar, we passed by a TV following Saturday's Husker game and noticed that KETV management has stubbornly and foolishly decided to let her keep anchoring Saturday evening's newscasts while Suzanne Deyo is on maternity leave. This, despite mountains of evidence that Fubar is embarrasingly ill-suited for the job. Fortunately for us, we were unable to catch the newscasts, leaving us unable to describe the exact nature of her screw-ups for this week.

• Back at Channel 6, the weekend newscasts have gotten downright pathetic. Paul Baltes is about as dull an anchor as you'll find—one who always looks like his contacts are giving him fits. Weatherguesser Jeff Jensen is perhaps the most irritating of the station's four Precision Ejacucasters. With a voice that may be the highest on the station, Jensen is capable of saying more words to convey less information than just about anyone we've ever watched.

And then there's John Chapman, whose woeful delivery was accentuated Saturday evening when he was describing high school football highlights and referring repeatedly to "Millert" North and "Millert" South. We won't even get into the pronunciation of names issues. Why is this guy doing sports? Instead of pulling him off the city hall beat to be a lethargic part-timer in sports and having morning anchor Jimmy Thiedlecki doing his worthless "Thiedlecki on the Thideline" features, why not hire a real sports guy to do weekends?

• But it's not as if Channel 3 is without its problems. Devon Patton is still there, sensationalizing, gesturing wildly, and generally making an ass out of himself more than all the other "Action 3" on-air personnel combined. Who knows what he's doing off the air.


joeygrisgris said...

Ok, it's just an idea.....but you know who would make a crackerjack sports reporter in this town? FUBAR!!! She could mispronounce names 'til her little heart's content, and no one would notice. Plus....send her out to cover live events.....the crowd would pretty much drown her out. Yeah. Fubar, I think we have finally found your true callling.

Matt_X said...

What, no love for KPTM?

Joe Swank said...

Speaking of mispronouncing names. The morning weather dork at channel 7 said Albert LEEEEAhh had a foot of snow. Ahhhhhh I belive it's pronounced Albert LEE

Omababe said...

Was I just imagining it, or did I hear FF refer to the holiday we celebrated on 11/11 as "Memorial Day"?

Weatherwatcher said...

I submit three things on your comment.
1- It is spelled Albert LEA
2- Andrea is from Minnesota, I think that would give her some qualifications as far as how to pronounce names of towns in her home state. Remember, we here in Nebraska say NorFORK, elsewhere, they say NorFOLK.
3- I know someone who lives in Albert Lea, and he pronounces it the same way as Andrea.

Ted Brockman said...

Nice try defending the hopeless, weatherwatcher, but the AP Pronunciation guide for Minnesota reads as follows—"Albert Lea...Al'-bert Lee.'"

Obbop said...

You sat tomato and I say bite me, la la la la la

Watching the local news makes me wanna snooze la la la la....

You say potato and I say y'all are a buncha' hicks trying to play the broadcasting game but failing miserably la la la la la la la.


Joe Swank said...


My wife is from Minnesota and we go there several times a year.
She lived 20 minutes from Albert Lea and we have heard NOBODY pronounce it LEEEEEEAHHHHHHHH.

Secondly it wasnt Andrea it was the weekend morning guy.

rickoxo2 said...

What is Patton doing off the air? You mean other than hitting on the woman of a trooper, then getting the trooper fired?

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