Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wednesday Morning Quarterbacking

• For all the hype WOWT put into the CONTINUOUS TICKER it promised for election night, they might have considered making the words visible to the naked eye.

• KETV buried inept reporter/anchor Fubar Fazal about as deeply as it could without taking her off the air entirely during Tuesday night's coverage. Fubar was sent out to cover those opposed to Initiative 423. Technical difficulties prevented her from littering the station's signal until almost 25 minutes into the 10 p.m. broadcast.

• The normally level-headed Joe Jordan of KMTV got a little carried away when early returns showed Democrats leading in Nebraska's 2nd and 3rd congressional districts, prattling about upsets in the making and so forth. For all his experience, shouldn't he have known that early returns were from early voters and that six percent of the vote is hardly indicative of all the ballots cast?

• KMTV's coverage was generally strong, but why, during its 6 p.m. newscast did they call it "Breaking News" when they noted that several cases of norovirus had been identified at Methodist Hospital?

• Candidate Jim Esch has to be wondering what might've happened had he spent more than $400,000 on his campaign or had the Nebraska Democratic Party put some effort behind him. Esch came within 20,000 votes of unseating incumbent Lee Terry, Jr., even though he had virtually no TV advertising against Terry's non-stop barrage of spots during the final two weeks of the campaign. Perhaps it's a sign of just how eager some people were to vote against uber-dork Terry.

• How delusional was Senate candidate Pete Ricketts? At 10:35, he was 50,000 votes behind incumbent Ben Nelson but telling KETV's Brandi Petersen that he expected things to turn around. He apparently wised up around midnight.

• Why does it take so long for Nebraska officials to count ballots? Iowa's polls closed at 9:00, and by 10:00, officials there had tallied in the neighborhood of 250,000 votes. Meanwhile, west of the Missouri, where polls closed at 8:00, Nebraska's Secretary of State could only report on about 100,000 ballots by 10 p.m.

• Worse yet, Douglas County Election Commissioner David Phipps must've been counting them by himself. By 10:55—almost three hours after the polls had closed—Phipps had only managed to count 27,358 early-voting ballots. Things weren't much better by midnight, by which time he had counted fewer than 20 percent of the votes cast.


Husker Mike said...

How delusional was Pete Ricketts? He thought that the problem with his campaign commercials was not enough quantity instead of quality.

Cue the dancing turkeys.

dragon927 said...

Please, please, please, make sure that Ricketts doesn't get it into his head to run for governor or mayor or something like that.

I don't think I could take another round of his commercials.

What do you think he did with that giant cut-out "Pete Ricketts" prop?

joeygrisgris said...

When Ricketts was teling Brandi that he still wasn't out of it, despite being down nearly 70-30% at that point.....didn't you just want him to all of a sudden start sobbing hysterically on her shoulder and crying "why?????why????".

He's just delusional enougn, I'll bet this isn't his last go around at tormenting the public. I have a great idea for his new spokesperson. Fubar?

MG73 said...

I was really impressed by Jim Esch. He ran a campaign with about a $10 budget and he came pretty close to unseating Lee Terry and his horrifying voice. I do hope Esch tries again in 2008.

As for Pete Ricketts losing despite that big pile of dad's money. All I can say is: Ooooh, how I love a good belly laugh.

Pete, my boy, you need a better platform than "Those blasted activist judges" and an animated turkey shoot.

Midtown said...

Two of the machines that are set up to count the early ballots broke down.
I believe both were fixed around 11pm.

The reason why the Metro takes so long to count ballots is because they are not counted at the precinct like in rural Nebraska and in Iowa.
The ballots have to be transported to the headquarters organized then counted.

Hopefully this will changed by the next election.

sickuvit said...

I know it was a big election week and all, but Ted, did you watch on sunday night? Surely you saw the horrible filth that "Lockjaw" Patton put on the 10 oclock show! A terrible effort of a re-enactment of an elderly woman being raped (it killed her by the way) that would have been laughable had we not also been verbally assaulted ourselves by the 70's disco song that was being played at the same time! Does he know what he's doing?

navin_johnson said...

I saw the "Cold Case" story about the old lady. Wow... the rape and murder reenactment was set to loud disco music lyrics "baby, do what you have to do...". AMAZING!! How do they let this stuff pass for air?

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