Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Torturing Oakey

KETV's long-running effort to surround John Oakey with as many dolts as possible took another step forward last week, when someone at the station decided that it would be a good idea to keep fill-in traffic babbler Veronica Todd around now that regular airhead Jana "Index Card" Murrell is back.

Todd's new role is to show up every half-hour or so, often dressed inappropriately, and share some useless piece of drivel related to what our president refers to as "the Internets." Her feature usually lasts about 20 seconds and has even less news value than what Murrell and Andrea "Mumbles" Bredow have to say—as hard as that is to believe.

One might infer from personnel moves like this one that someone on the inside is trying to sabotage the morning show, in particular—or the station, in general—by putting as many idiots on-air as the payroll will accommodate. The remarkable thing is that all these mental defectives actually make Oakey's albatross/co-anchor, Elictia Hammond, look almost acceptable.


wolfmeat said...

If you watch their weekend team, you must scratch your head and ask why the heck Brandi Petersen is not the morning anchor every day. Brandi has class, beauty and talent.

It would be a blessing to axe "Aleeesha" and move her to the weekend team with Fubar. Both of them should be working BEHIND the camera. Couple of beauties. I don't think CNN will be calling, girls.

With the exception of Andrea Bredow (love her), KETV is difficult to watch in the morning. There is no chemistry. Just a bunch of robots with commercial breaks every 1.5 minutes.

dragon927 said...

I don't get why every other morning newscast can get by with one anchor and one weather person, but KETV thinks it needs 5 people. 6 if you count Mike'l.

Cut most of those people loose and spend the money on ... oh, let's say TALENT.

Obbop said...

Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells:

Burp burp burp.....burp burp burp.... burp BURP burp burp burp....

bu burp burp burp BU BURP burp burp....

BURP burp burp burp burp.

Am I ready for local broadcast prime time?

/Obbop has left the building

SmooveB said...


Dude, you need to lay off the pharmaceuticals.

nmyview said...

Re wolfmeat's comments...You got to be kidding me. Brandi with class beauty and talent? She may have "the look" to attract the male viewers - but she's definitely not their strongest reporter.
Their morning show used to be great when it was just Oakey and Bredow. Now it's just distracting having Alesha, Veronica and Jana on there - and for no logical reason. What do these people have on the management?????? Don't know why they need 2 morning anchors on the weekend either, unless they think Barbie doesn't look right without Ken sitting beside her. Interesting that they can get by with one anchor on Sat and Sun nights. Maybe they don't trust either one of them to get through a newscast alone??
Maybe they should consider just rotating their reporters around to fill the anchor spots on Sat & Sun mornings and nights.

DiggerDog said...

However, when "appropriately" dressed, Veronica Todd is nice to look at. Hey Veronica, leave the jackets at home and wear light colored turtle necks.

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