Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Newspaper Writers Auditioning for TV Gig?

Consider the following facts. Then answer the question that follows.

A body is found in an oil drum located in a muddy area that was formerly underwater. The body is determined to be that of a woman who disappeared 23 years ago.

What conclusion might you draw from this information?
(A) Oil drums are not suitable for use as watercraft.
(B) The woman died of a heart attack.
(C) You just can't hide stuff underwater these days.
(D) The death is considered a homicide.

If you guessed D, then you don't need to read the online story from Omaha's daily newspaper, which features that exact sentence.

Thank you, John Gottschalk and Co., for connecting those dots. Now it's entirely clear why print news is superior to its broadcast step-sister.


damnyankee said...

Well at this rate he may be co-anchoring with Fubar!

Careful what you wish for.....

Melanie said...

Hey I was watching Channel Sux again, (I know, I'm a friggin masochist) and apparently it is news that Borsheim's needs holiday help.

Not only was that worth noting... but a nice transition was made from some idiot saying "The jingling of bells this season is making others hear the jingling of keyboards." Then they show this camera angle of somebody being rung up at Borsheims.

WTF? Keyboards jingle? Wow, I can't hear anything right now....

Usually I'm one of those people who see other people at their jobs and go, "Well, I couldn't do what they do." I'm thinking I could come up with better phrases than that.


Jess said...

Dammit ! I guessed (A) out OWH here I come !


rickoxo2 said...

Yes, but this is hardly worse than's stories, which are regularly riddled with gramatical and factual errors. It's like the online story reporter doesn't bother to re-read the story, and the online editor doesn't bother to do anything. I'm sorry, but these stories, specifically from and, are atrocious. I was more competent wit my speling and gramar and stuff when I be back in forf grade.

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