Monday, November 06, 2006

KETV's Buckeyewitless News

Time for Channel 7 news director Rose Ann Shannon to have yet another long closed-door talk with her worst on-air employee.

Shannon and fellow KETV management-types may tell everyone that perpetual screw-up reporter/desperation-fill-in-anchor Fubar Fazal is improving, but you have to think they're more than a little miffed that Fubar keeps pooping all over their misplaced confidence in her.

Fubar's latest contribution to her blooper reel/career came Saturday, when she referred to Iowa as "the Buckeye State" and struggled mightily to render a proper pronunciation of the word evangelist.

Wouldn't it be great to be Fubar—knowing that no matter how badly or frequently you screw up, the nit-wits who hired you will never admit they made a mistake in giving you a job?


Melanie said...

Why is she still employed? She must have some racy pics of the management in compromising positions to keep getting air time.

damnyankee said...

She must work for very cheap.

I heard the Buckeye state comment and couldn't believe my ears. There's no excuse why she's still doing news on the air. I think Melanie must be right.

joeygrisgris said...

Why is she still employed? (1) She's a woman, (2) She's a minority, (3) Rosanne Shannon is an idiot. 'Nuff said.

ohmyhaw said...

Joey, did you have to be so long winded?

Obbop said...

That female's voice sends shivers of loathing and unadulterated dread across the synapses that allow my brain to interact with the environment.

But, if fired or let go or laid-off or just ignored, there is a horde of lawyers ready to use litigation to compel an employer to either retain the incompetent one or be forced to fork over huge sums of money.

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