Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ejacucast Shoots It in Wrong Direction Again

On Tuesday's 10 p.m. newcast, WOWT Ejacuweather Guesser-in-Chief Jim Flowers made it sound as if an overnight snow and/or rain "event" was inevitable, and that we'd all be driving through significant rain or a thin film of slushy snow on our way to work this morning. Based on Jim's "Precision Forecast," a bettor might have wagered the ranch on it.

Now think about your drive to work this morning. Look outside right now. Check the radar.

Amazingly, between 10:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., the Ejacuweather team seemed to have forgotten everything their fearless leader had predicted.

In fairness, Jumpy Jim probably wasn't alone in his incorrectness. We didn't see what Bill Randby and Ryan McPike were saying on Tuesday.

But neither Randby nor McPike had the nerve to spend a full five minutes last week regaling us with their predictions about what the weather will be like in February. That is, they weren't that reckless with their credibility.

Weather coverage lends itself to gimmickry, and Channel 6 isn't the only one to exploit it. But that station is, by far, the "Heartland's Leader" in self-aggrandizing, over-the-top, mostly-empty hype when it comes to weather.

The only question is how long it will take viewers to catch on and put SuxNews in the ratings toilet where it belongs.


Ryan said...

I think Randby called for possibly a few sprinkles but probably nothing.

MG73 said...

The Channel Six graphics are so pointless that its downright funny. They stand there saying, "It was 34 in Valentine yesterday" and they point at it, and the "34" lights up! As if they expect the entire viewing audience to be saying, "Sweet Jesus! The '34' lit up! How freakin' cool is that?? Helen, bring the kids in here this minute! They have to see this!!"

I would gladly sacrifice all the lit-up temperatures, all the dancing ducks, all the satellite loops and all the NBC chimes if they could simply **accurately** tell me if I'm going to need my umbrella today or if I'm going to have to get up early tomorrow morning to shovel the driveway.

Omababe said...

>But that station is, by far,
>the "Heartland's Leader" in
>over-the-top, mostly-empty
>hype when it comes to weather.

It's a yearly ritual here in Omaha (Somewhere in Middle America) where the weatherguessers try to out-do each other in predicting the intensity of the first major winter weather event.

Ted, you oughta add "Yearly Snowfall Hype" to your cliche list! :)

Unfortunately, the viewers and listeners play along with the game. :(

>The only question is how long it
>will take viewers to catch on and
>put SuxNews in the ratings toilet
>where it belongs.

They won't. This yearly snow ritual is played by all. Just listen to your co-workers right after the first snowfall, all trying to out-do each other with tales and tribulations of how they finally made it in, despite insurmountable odds.

Oh well ...

photofarm said...

At 6 pm last night Jim Flowers said it wasn't going to do much in eastern Nebraska, the air was too dry. I'd be surprised if he changed his forecast for 10 pm, as things didn't change between 6 and 10. Are you sure you were listening to the forecast? Or did you here him say more rain and snow would fall in the western part of the viewing area and forgot you don't live in the western viewing area?

Melanie said...

How about they don't know. I mean it's the FRICKIN' WEATHER, people. It does what it wants, it's the WEATHER.

Jess said...

~~~~"Sweet Jesus! The '34' lit up! How freakin' cool is that?? Helen, bring the kids in here this minute! They have to see this!!"~~~

Ok mg73--that cracked me up...

SmooveB said...


Isn't that the point? If it's the frickin weather, and if it does what it wants, why do Flowers, et al, try to convince us that they have the ability (or the tools) to predict it down to the precise degree? "Our 7-day forecast shows that it will be 37 one week from today. Not 36. Not 38. 37."

Wes Mantooth said...

I love it when it hits Defcon 1 in the Weather Center, but all channels are totally unresponsible when it comes to sensationalizing the forecast. Severe weather in the spring and summer is very entertaining, like during the Husker game, but the winter is where theses guys earn their scatch because the bedlam lasts for days before and after the Winter Storm Alert. It keeps getting worse, so this winter should be simply awesome on the eve of Winter Storm Warning: Storm Of The Century. Every see the SNL skit "Wake Up and Smile" where the news anchor eats the weatherman's head? It will be like that.

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