Monday, November 06, 2006

Eight Things We Won't Miss When the Election Is Over

• Radio ads featuring Governor Dave Heinemann gushing over Senate candidate/billionaire Pete Ricketts and sounding like a real bumpkin when referring to politicians in "Worshington."

• Ricketts' mother, expecting us to believe that she and her gazillionaire husband are just ordinary folks who brought their kids up in Nebraska City. Put on a hat, Pete, and pull that sucker down over your face, while you're at it.

• Senator Ben Nelson spouting platitudes like, "A penny saved is a penny earned." Way to take a stand, Ben.

• Douglas County Assessor Roger Morrissey's very elderly mother propped up and groaning "Good for you," in the general direction of her son. Shameless.

• Congressional candidate Maxine Moul's mannish mug filling our TV screen. Yikes.

• Moul's grating, whiny voice. On second thought, Pete, just stuff that hat in Maxine's mouth.

• First District Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, who always appears to be wearing a Ben Nelson wig and scared to death that he really will be linked with fellow Republican Mark Foley.

• Congressdweeb Lee Terry, Jr. slobbering his way through his list of imagined accomplishments. Yeah, you'll probably be re-elected, Lee, as sad as that is. Just promise to leave us alone for two years. (Whatever happened to this dimwit's pledge to observe self-imposed term limits?)

Mark Twain was right. People generally do get the government they deserve. He should've warned us about the ads.


Melanie said...

How about how Ben shot a giraffe! HE SHOT A GIRAFFE! Bastard.

MG73 said...

Lee Terry has the most obnoxious voice I have ever heard. You know what he sounds like? He sounds like he's forcing himself to have a deep voice...As if in real life he's got this high pitched squealing voice that he's trying to make sound more manly.

I tried to watch the debate between him and Jim Esch. And I was doing just fine. It was cool seeing Gary Kerr as the moderator. But then Lee had to open his mouth. I couldn't watch for more than a few seconds. I had to turn it off and beat my head against the concrete sidewalk for twenty minutes to get any trace of that voice out of my head.

Sweet Jesus, I hate his voice.

Jess said...

Melanie took the words out of my mouth...who shoots a friggin' giraffe ?!?

Oh Maxine Moul...I'm pretty sure tha woman has bigger balls than most men.

damnyankee said...

I have a real life experience with Mumbles Terry. I had to arrange for a flag to be flown over the capital in D.C. on the occasion of someone's retirement. His office faxed me the form and there, plainly on the form it asked for my "adress".

Let me know early on what kind of nimrod he was. I generally don't like to make fun of people's kids either (hey, he put them in the ad that makes them fair game) but tell me those boys don't get their lunch money stolen everyday.

joeygrisgris said...

I see cheesy politicians everywhere.........make them go away......I'm too skeered to vote either way.

SmooveB said...

Lay off Maxine Moul, Jess. She-males have a right to be represented, too.

photofarm said...

In the Senate race between Nelson and Rickets, I think I'll vote for a write in candidate. That candidate would be Manure Pile.

splog2 said...

Just checked two stations ...six at least let you know what the amendments were...three, forget it...if you did not know what the amendments were, you had no idea....even tho I voted, i need my brain joggled on who/whom and what I voted for.

Hosh said...

Channel serving through KPTM, the female anchor (never bothered to remember her name) broadcast, on live air, information about voter intimidation that she heard ON LOCAL RADIO!! We all know how "outstanding" the local radio news network is. She even admitted that she hadn't actually confirmed this information, it was just something she had heard a while ago on the radio.
Can you really keep your job after that? I realize that they are far behind, but we kind of stupidity does it take to try to put on a "legitimate" news program, only to put on air what you "heard on the radio." They seem very comfortable and content to be at the bottom of the local media $h!t pile.

Omababe said...

>Lee Terry has the most obnoxious voice I
>have ever heard.

He sounds to me like that Al Franken Stuart Smalley character, except that Lee sounds that way in real life.

Now that the election is over, maybe Pete will do us all a favor and just go away.

Oh well ... so it goes ...

Tom Becka said...

Nice to know they were checking us out.

The voter intimidation comments came from Craig Mitnick the Fox network legal correspondent we had on as a guest. While the TV stations were playing Dancing with the stars we had national and local experts giving analysis while we were talking with many of the candidates.

I'll grant you that most local radio didn't have much credibility when it came to the elections. But don't put us in that same boat. I think the election coverage KFAB provided wasjust as good if not better than what the TV stations were allowed to do.

Obbop said...

All the babes I know go bonkers over the Becka unit.

Gosh, whadda' babe magnet the bloke is!!!!

Perhaps I could floow the guy and grab some of his castoffs.

Becka, you the man!!!!!!!

And, you possess the perfect face for radio!!!!!!

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