Wednesday, October 25, 2006

WOWT's N.D. Has a College Degree and What Good Has That Done?

No one will ever accuse KPTM of setting its sights too high. The continuing presence of Calvert "Larry Bud" Collins proves that.

Having run off its latest news director in less than two years, Fox42 is running the ad below in the hope of finding a replacement. It's good to know that a GED is accepted in at least one line of work.


reideen1313 said...

All KPTM is doing is staffing according to their target demographic. Someone who just wants fluff news - like on KXVO.

Omababe said...

Iowa Workforce Development?

Are you sure that's the right job listing?

Omahaha said...

Does this mean that Alan is gone? He was a nice guy...don't know about his job skills though.

Hosh said...

I like how it says a benefits package may be available. It depends on if we decide to upgrade our high school studio.

dragon927 said...

Hell, I figured they were turning down people that had a high school education.

Melanie said...

The "Good enough diploma".... Let's face it, KPTM can't get any worse; can it?

Billy Ray Lemon said...

Just when you think Pappas can't possibly get any lower - the underpaid and (of course) underequiped gnomes arrive with their picks and shovels and dig the 'station' to uncharted depths of retardedness.

Harry...buddy, give it up. You're a joke!

Omababe said...

>The "Good enough diploma".... Let's
>face it, KPTM can't get any worse;
>can it?

We can debate whether a diploma from a prep high school is better than one from a vo-tech high school is better than a GED, but the fact is, for a News Director at any station, I would think that something like a 4-year degree with a major in journalism PLUS umpteen years of working in a real newsroom would be non-negotiable requirements.

Guess not, huh?

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