Monday, October 23, 2006

Ten Years...and They Still Can't Beat the Crap on WOWT

KETV is performing all sorts of contortions while patting itself on the back via promos "celebrating" the 10 years that its main anchor team has been together.

Station management isn't likely to mention that the quartet's tenure began only after the station drove longtime anchor Carol Schrader off the air. At the time, insiders reported that station management subjected Schrader to repeated slights until the mercurial anchor finally had had enough and stormed out just before the unveiling of the station's "Newsplex."

Schrader's exit reportedly marked the culmination of months of effort by KETV management to do everything it could to push the much younger Julie Cornell into Schrader's chair and make it clear that Schrader was no longer wanted or needed.

An alert reader, reflecting on this new promo, notes that it might also be interesting for KETV to mention the number of capable reporters who have come and gone in the past decade, as management clung to the Cornell-Randby-McCartney-Schuetz team. (That revolving door has left us with the likes of Fubar Fazal and Elictia Hammond—a travesty that won't be easily forgotten.)

What's interesting to note, the reader adds, is the threat that Cornell must be feeling from hard-charging management favorite Brandi Petersen, a fill-in anchor who is much younger and perkier than the tired-looking Cornell.

Where have we heard this story before?


MG73 said...

Oh that would be such sweet justice for Julie and her diary to be forced out the door.

Karma, karma, baby!

Jess said...

Cornell does need an eye lift.
She always looks like she's getting verrry sleeeepy.

Omababe said...

>began only after the station drove
>longtime anchor Carol Schrader off
>the air.

That's essentially when I quit watching 7 news. It's still my third choice (now 4th? 5th?).

Something about Omaha stations inspires them to retain the mediocre and push aside the true talent. :(

I guess I'm preaching to the choir here, huh? :(

Oh well ...

griffin said...

has anyone counted how many reporters have came in and out of ketv....since 1996....are we at 30, 40, or 50....just wondering?

seems like ketv thinks julie and rob are it....well no......

interesting too how many reporters are now out of tv news and doing something else....

IRule & USUCK said...

Let it go. Not only did Carol Schrader come across as a crusty old hag, she was no treat to gaze upon either. If I wanted to watch a crusty hag deliver the news, I'd go to a rest home and hand the newspaper to one of the residents. So, Brandi Petersen gaining steam? I'm intruiged!!

norbie said...

Yeah - I know I only watch the news because of all the bee-ooh-tee-ful people here in Omaha who deliver it. Give me a break! Carol Schraeder has more credibility and integrity in her big toe than the entire fab four's ten tired years put together. I swear that Bill and Julie share a brain. What a bunch of morons!

griffin said...

Carol Schraeder has more credibility and integrity in her big toe than the entire fab four's ten tired years put together.

i couldn't said it any better!!!!!!!

in 10 more years who's going to come to mind when talking about great news people in the omaha market..
1 carol schrader
2 gary kerr

it wont be julie or rob...let alone bill and what's his name in sports...

wouldn't it be interesting if CAROL SCHRADER runs for mayor or higher???

gerrishnut said...

For a young man growing up in 3 station Omaha, Carol Schrader was very hot.

As for 2006, did you catch the KETV 6pm News on Saturday evening after the Husker loss?

Duing the very first segment, the Newsplex was going into their first story, when all of the sudden you hear, loud and clearly a "God Dammit", and then the story began.

KETV owes me an apology, not for the cussing, but for having Fubar butcher the news once again.

KETV's classy way continue to shine through. The running out of Schrader, The John Schutz cursefest after the 2002 Penn State loss, and now Omarosa and Mumbles in the morning. KETV is all class

ajberryjr said...

What's hot about Carol Schrader is that she was sexier as she got older and she had a variety of looks that were all attractive and suited her well.

The negative comments about her are simply indicative of someone who she probably turned down for a date.

Carol Schrader is still hot and I hope she does run for mayor when Fahey steps down. Either that or I'd like to see her get a job at either WOWT or KMTV although that will probably never happen in today's heavily marketed media.

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