Monday, October 23, 2006

Shouldn't He Be at a Star Trek Convention Somewhere?

What's the deal with the TV ads for doofus Congressman Lee Terry, Jr.? (Besides the fact that he looks and sounds like a grown-up version of Milhouse from The Simpsons.)

For the second or third of his campaigns in a row, Terry mangles the legally-required "I approved this message" tag on his TV commercials. Instead, our boy Lee says "I approve of this message."

Does he have his nose so far up the President's ass that he's starting to say similarly stupid things? Is he just stupid on his own? Or does he think he's clever by saying it slightly differently than everyone else?

We're pretty sure he considers himself clever, since he was dumb enough to think he could go on Comedy Central's Colbert Report without embarrassing himself and his constitutents. He couldn't, even if you gave him a hundred chances.

Why the hell do we keep electing this guy?


MG73 said...

Don't worry. Lee Terry pledged to only serve three terms, so we shouldn't have to put up with him much longer.

What? He's already on his fourth term? Nevermind.

Melanie said...

Why are you venturing into politics? Just when I thought I could get away from "Put-your-hat on-Peter" Rickett, and Ben Nelson-crap I gotta visit here and read this about Lee Terry. Let's face it, Nebraskans are screwed.

joeygrisgris said...

melanie, that does it by God. I'm movin to Iowa where they make politicians the old fashioned way. They inbreed them.

barefoot_fairy said...

Vote for Jim Esch then.

Obbop said...

Lee Terry reminds me of a raccoon.

A chubby raccoon.

Well, a really fat raccoon.

Not sure why.

Never did meet a politician I could not easily and readily find something about worthy of despisement.

Omahaha said...

He's in my doghouse right now due to his lack of response to both a letter I sent and a message left with his bumbling aide. They couldn't even muster up the energy to send a form letter.


ohmyhaw said...

Forget Terry, I want to know who forgot to put the new batteries in Maxine Moul before she did her spots. The "tag" is something out the Evelyn Woodhead Sped Readin' Course.

Obbop said...

What's wrong with me???!!!!!

Lee Terry does not look like a really fat raccoon!!!!!


More of a woodchuck. Or is it a groundhog?

Listening to the lad of privelege mutter aloud on his TV ads I DO count my blessings.

Much better for the vile vermin known as politicians to have to listen to Terry's grating voice in congress than to have the lad working as a teleprompter reader assaulting our ears with that girlish tender-boy mumbling.

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