Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Not That It Has Anything to Do with TV

Feeling its oats after passing a resolution requesting an apology from radio station KFAB regarding talk host Tom Becka's North Omaha parody, Omaha's city council is considering a resolution requesting that KFAB's sister station, KGOR, play more Dan Fogelberg songs.

"We really love 'Leader of the Band,' said one council member, speaking on condition of anonymity. "It'd be really neat if KGOR could play that or 'Longer' more often."

According to one source, however, at least two council members intend to propose an amendment that would also call on rival station Z-92 to play more Metallica and for KETV to air "Baywatch" reruns on weekends.

The issue has reportedly caused a deep rift at city hall, with councilman Chuck Sigerson threatening to "kick some ass if anyone so much as suggests that Lynard Skynard isn't the greatest band of all time."

As of this writing, there was no word as to when the music request resolution might come before the council for a vote.


Martin said...

Not to be outdone, Mayor Fahey vowed to veto any resolution unless he heard more cowbell. Fahey said, "I have a fever, and that fever can only be cured with more cowbell."

joeygrisgris said...

I hear that they also considered a resolution to make Farah and the Fubar's Omaha's official band, and their hit song "United Pacific Blues", the official song

Hosh said...

I heard Sigerson wants the Chicken Dance played each time he walks in the City Council area.

ryanhan said...

Is it just me, or did I just see Mary Weeyums doing a midday (10/20)interview in olive green CARGO PANTS! Hilarious...hey 3, give your so called anchors a clothing allowance, they apparently need it.

kingofthestupidpeople said...

Dammit, you forgot about Welch putting the resolution of a 24/7 NKOTB/Baskstreet Boys/N'Sync station on next weeks agenda.

And you call yourself Omaha TV News!! Fubar investigating the facts with Pierce presenting them almost look better.

Jess said...

Ok I'm glad I wasn't the only one that saw the cargo pants !

I'm totally going to the next city council meeting, if nothing else but for the damn good music !

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