Monday, October 30, 2006

"...and he promotes like hell"

You'd think the story was about someone who'd actually contributed something valuable to his business.

We're referring to Broadcasting and Cable's profile of Harry Pappas, whose company owns KPTM, KXVO, and 28 other "stations."

Our favorite line: "Pappas concluded independents needed 'The 4Ps': Quality programming, top-notch people, savvy promotion and strong transmitter power."

KPTM has been on the air for close to 20 years. When can we expect "The 4Ps" to make it to Omaha?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

WOWT's N.D. Has a College Degree and What Good Has That Done?

No one will ever accuse KPTM of setting its sights too high. The continuing presence of Calvert "Larry Bud" Collins proves that.

Having run off its latest news director in less than two years, Fox42 is running the ad below in the hope of finding a replacement. It's good to know that a GED is accepted in at least one line of work.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Ten Years...and They Still Can't Beat the Crap on WOWT

KETV is performing all sorts of contortions while patting itself on the back via promos "celebrating" the 10 years that its main anchor team has been together.

Station management isn't likely to mention that the quartet's tenure began only after the station drove longtime anchor Carol Schrader off the air. At the time, insiders reported that station management subjected Schrader to repeated slights until the mercurial anchor finally had had enough and stormed out just before the unveiling of the station's "Newsplex."

Schrader's exit reportedly marked the culmination of months of effort by KETV management to do everything it could to push the much younger Julie Cornell into Schrader's chair and make it clear that Schrader was no longer wanted or needed.

An alert reader, reflecting on this new promo, notes that it might also be interesting for KETV to mention the number of capable reporters who have come and gone in the past decade, as management clung to the Cornell-Randby-McCartney-Schuetz team. (That revolving door has left us with the likes of Fubar Fazal and Elictia Hammond—a travesty that won't be easily forgotten.)

What's interesting to note, the reader adds, is the threat that Cornell must be feeling from hard-charging management favorite Brandi Petersen, a fill-in anchor who is much younger and perkier than the tired-looking Cornell.

Where have we heard this story before?

Shouldn't He Be at a Star Trek Convention Somewhere?

What's the deal with the TV ads for doofus Congressman Lee Terry, Jr.? (Besides the fact that he looks and sounds like a grown-up version of Milhouse from The Simpsons.)

For the second or third of his campaigns in a row, Terry mangles the legally-required "I approved this message" tag on his TV commercials. Instead, our boy Lee says "I approve of this message."

Does he have his nose so far up the President's ass that he's starting to say similarly stupid things? Is he just stupid on his own? Or does he think he's clever by saying it slightly differently than everyone else?

We're pretty sure he considers himself clever, since he was dumb enough to think he could go on Comedy Central's Colbert Report without embarrassing himself and his constitutents. He couldn't, even if you gave him a hundred chances.

Why the hell do we keep electing this guy?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Not That It Has Anything to Do with TV

Feeling its oats after passing a resolution requesting an apology from radio station KFAB regarding talk host Tom Becka's North Omaha parody, Omaha's city council is considering a resolution requesting that KFAB's sister station, KGOR, play more Dan Fogelberg songs.

"We really love 'Leader of the Band,' said one council member, speaking on condition of anonymity. "It'd be really neat if KGOR could play that or 'Longer' more often."

According to one source, however, at least two council members intend to propose an amendment that would also call on rival station Z-92 to play more Metallica and for KETV to air "Baywatch" reruns on weekends.

The issue has reportedly caused a deep rift at city hall, with councilman Chuck Sigerson threatening to "kick some ass if anyone so much as suggests that Lynard Skynard isn't the greatest band of all time."

As of this writing, there was no word as to when the music request resolution might come before the council for a vote.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Monotonous Mediocrity

One recent post asked if we were on vacation again.

We wish.

The explanation for the lack of posts on our part is this: nothing's happening. At least nothing that we haven't pointed out a dozen times.

For example, this morning, KETV substitute traffic twit Veronica Todd alerted viewers to anticipated congestion "between 90th and West Dodge." (For those of you reading this who aren't familiar with our neck of the woods: these two streets intersect.)

Or how about Sunday, when WOWT invisible anchor Paul Baltes read Saturday evening's copy about the shooting in Bonaparte, Iowa, that he said occurred "this morning." (Do these people just grab anything that happens to be laying around and read it on air to fill time?)

There's also speech-impeded weekend morning anchor Rachel Pierce, who is able to add a thshyllable to any word, as evidenced by her recent reference to actress "Scarlett Jo-HAN-uh-sun."

And WOWT weekend evening anchor Jaime McCutcheon, who regularly echoes the president's pronunciation of the word nuclear.

At KMTV, weekend anchor Devon Patton still speaks as if he's not quite over a bad case of lockjaw, and at KETV, with beady-eyed weekend anchor Suzanne "The Helmet" Deyo off on maternity leave, someone who apparently hates viewers has decided that FUBAR Fazal is a suitable Saturday night anchor. (We would agree, if by "anchor," they meant something to be dropped over the side of a boat.)

But we've written all this before. Only the particulars are slightly different.

Until something interesting happens, we'll keep our comments to a minimum, thank you.
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