Friday, September 08, 2006

While We Were Sleeping

Thanks to our many alert readers for pointing out what we had somehow missed: that empty-headed KETV traffic tracker Jana Murrell is off to Washington for a physical therapy internship. (Believe it or not, Murrell is working on a doctoral degree in P.T. It must be easier to get one of those than we had thought.)

Meanwhile, back at the Newsplex, moronic Murrell's moronic fill-in, Veronica Todd rambles on. Despite claims by several alert readers that Todd is a vast improvement over Murrell, we must respectfully disagree.

When she's not looking disoriented by the green-screen, Todd spends an inordinate amount of time telling us about how she prepares the reports, instead of about what's happening on the roads.

"I couldn't find a little icon for fire," she confided to viewers Friday morning, before mentioning that firetrucks were blocking some obscure street or another.

She also seems to be astounded by traffic on the North Freeway every morning around 6:30. It has apparently escaped her notice that there's a major construction project going on in the area just west of Creighton University Hospital.

No, Todd is no improvement over Murrell. She merely offers a slightly different strain of stupidity.


O-Newsie said...

I have checked out Veronica Todd a few times on KETV and I must be watching a different newscast because what I see is a decent presentation of traffic information. Todd has a decent voice, good on-air presence, and actually looks like she cares about the information she imparts to the viewer. The fact that she doesn't use those stupid index cards is admirable.

I agree that she, at times, is a little bit disoriented on the green screen. However, I would imagine that it is difficult to get ones bearings at times when you only have a few seconds to rattle off several wrecks, road closings and road kill sightings. I can't even form coherent sentences at that ungodly hour.

Plus, I think we should give her a little slack as this is only a part-time job for her. For what imperfections she might have, she's got a much better on-air presence than many full-time personalities.

If we HAVE to have an on-air traffic reporter in a market this size, Veronica Todd is just fine.

Could you imagine Farrah Fazal, Maniko Bartholomy or Devon Patton doing traffic? THAT would be scary!

damnyankee said...

just the fact that oma-cow-vile thinks it needs "traffic" reporters will never cease to amaze me.

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