Friday, September 15, 2006

A Slow Week

An assortment of observation at the end of an otherwise uneventful week...

• What the hell is Tracy Madden trying to do with her hair? During Friday's "Live at Five," it looked like a mullet as envisioned by KMTV's former stylist. Memo to Tracy: Ignore whoever is currently giving you hair advice.

• KETV's weekday morning "First News" traffic reports were noticeably better this week in the absence of in-studio dolts Jana Murrell and Veronica Todd. Someone named Brooke Williams delivered reports over the phone and was about 20 times more articulate and informative than either Murrell or Todd can ever hope to be.

• And speaking of KETV, Thursday's 10 p.m. newscast featured a rare glimpse of anchor Rob McCartney delivering an embarrasingly overdone package on the wind ripping an enormous American flag from the side of the Woodmen Tower. McCartney's voiceover was overstuffed with overstuffed phrases like "star-spangled banner yet waving," included idiotic soundbites from some yokel who, McCartney said, "rushed into action" to pick up the flag when it hit the ground at 18th and Douglas, and generally looked like something one might submit to Action 3 News to audition for Devon Patton's job. We hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

• On the network front, this question: Are we the only ones who think the Today show's new set makes it look as if Matt Lauer and the gang are doing the show from an Apple Store?


joeygrisgris said...

New "Fubarism": re, spinach e-coli overdone story. Fubar to lady in produce aisle: What do you think about all this? Lady: it scares me. Fubar: Why? That's our Fubar.

Obbop said...

Tracy Madden's hair.

Is the lass sprouting nose hair?

I have one, one lane hair growing outta' the end of my nose.

No!!! Not inside, outside, an exterior nose hair.

Sure grows fast. Pert' near sprouts overnight. It's easy to lop it off but, akin to that Sisyphus chap from those long-ago Greek days, it struggles eternally pursuing its goal.... to grow, grow and see the light of day. To stand tall and proud.

I let it grow for awhile, curious as to what path it would take in life. The little hair was skinny but much thicker than the multitude of hairs sprouting all over my lard-laden body. A mutant of sorts. And, how it did grow, ever longer, until it became tentacle-like. Waving in the breeze, basking in the sun's warm glow.

Sadly, the attraction it caused was universally negative. Despite having grown to love and respect that solo hair, in order to meld with the masses of provincial Nebraskans who are akin to the brood of biddys that continuously peck at the hen that stands out in some way, I lopped it off.

As it descended to the ground, screaming, its little hairish voice fading in the distance, I shed a little tear.

I wonder if Tracy could increase her ratings by possessing something unique, perhaps sumpthin like my tentale-like extrerior nose hair?

Probably not. The biddies would peck at her incessantly.

kookiejar said...

I only saw 5 minutes of the new Today show. Viera was talking to some health nut about washing your veggies and I could swear they were sitting in some sort of igloo. Too much white!

navin_johnson said...

I agree with your take on the traffic reporting by Brooke Williams at KETV. It is SO much better to have someone voicing over the maps rather than watching an uncomfortable young woman stumbling over maps and the "little fire icon" again and again. It isn't working. Listen up KETV- ditch the pretty face and go straight to the information!

Hosh said...

Make sure that Tracy knows that, even though many things retro are back in style, the mullet isn't one of them.

NeeSmart said...

I`m glad tracy took your advice about getting those beauty 'warts'.......

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